How VPNs Can Save You Money: Everything You Need To Know

How VPNs Can Save You Money: Everything You Need To Know

Upsurge in VPN services due to its characteristics has been witnessed throughout the world. From employing the best free VPN in NZ, like wind scribe, to subscribing to a premium VPN platform like ExpressVPN in India, the utilization of VPN in modern times bears no geographical limits.

Unquestionably, VPNs effectively safeguard the confidentiality and safety of our browsing habits.  

However, did you imagine that by employing your VPN, you can potentially save dollars on your favorite pastimes?

Whether you’re a movie fanatic, shopaholic, or travel enthusiast, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the six fun ways you can exploit your VPN to your gain, sparing you cash and allowing you to exceed your expectations.

6 Surprising Ways to Save Money by Employing A VPN

1. Online Streaming

How VPNs Can Save You Money: Everything You Need To Know

Regarding geoblocking, Netflix is a superior service that embraces it well since they insist on not allowing non-US residents to enjoy its vast library of movies and shows.

 Fortunately, various VPN providers have discovered a way around geo-restrictions, providing you exposure to much more content without having to pay extra. 

Netflix is not the only service that employs similar methods to retain content and generate revenue; the Australian service Stan and HULU are two such examples as well.

No matter what part of the globe, a quality VPN can disguise your precise location and grant you a fake IP address allowing you to enjoy a more fabulous selection of shows and movies without paying a fortune.

For example, if you subscribe to Netflix but usually use the website via your location in Southern Africa, you only have exposure to around 10% of the complete library. 

However, you can access 100% of the content at the same price by altering your geolocation and browsing through a VPN server in the USA.

Only some VPNs are considered equal; while some provide occasional connection to Netflix, others are unable to provide any access because Netflix strives hard to prevent the VPN from viewing their catalogs. 

This is why it’s essential to do a comprehensive investigation before selecting a VPN or signing up for an account.

2. Enjoying Time-Limited Material

How VPNs Can Save You Money: Everything You Need To Know

With a VPN, you can stream time-limited entertainment alongside having access to exotic international films and shows.

Even though this varies significantly depending on the circumstance. Nevertheless, it includes obtaining live access to sports competitions such as Wimbledon, the PGA Championships, or the Olympics.

The volume of live sporting events you may watch differs based on your location, but commonly, you are bound by time restrictions that, if they run out, are abruptly halted mid-serve. 

As this is so unpleasant, most experienced VPNs merely change their IP address to a completely different country, sign in again, and then proceed wherever they left out.

Simply connect to a VPN through a location near the tournament’s region, and relish!

3. Online Purchasing

How VPNs Can Save You Money: Everything You Need To Know

Among the most intriguing perks of the digital world is that you can shop even while relaxing in your pajama pants.

 However, the concern is that you’re vulnerable to cybercriminals every time you shop online, and your geolocation also influences the cost.

For illustration, music fans wishing to register with Apple Music may discover that although Indian customers merely spend approximately $1.75 / month, those living in the UK will pay off more than $13 for the same package.

Why? Since most online merchants operate a variable price structure that modifies a product’s cost point on the amount marketers anticipate local customers will be prepared to pay.

You can disguise your IP to seem like you’re in Mumbai by employing a reliable VPN connection such as CyberGhost VPN, ensuring the most reasonable subscription fees for companies like Apple Music. You can also check out free VPN for Window PC.

4. Airfares

How VPNs Can Save You Money: Everything You Need To Know

Deploy your VPN in many ways to reduce the cost of traveling and flying. Yet again, relocating to a state with a lower living standard will permit you to save a few hundred dollars. 

Additionally, airlines will typically decrease their airfares when booking a flight from a destination where individuals have little cash to spend on non-essentials.

Similarly, reserving flights from the airline’s native country is frequently much more economical. For example, consider looking from an Ip in Belgium if you wish to purchase a ticket to Brussels. Across all probability, local rates will apply as opposed to those imposed on tourists.

While these measures might not save hundreds of dollars, each dollar matters, particularly if you’re vacationing with a group.

Clearing all of your caches and history from previous surfing sessions is one of many helpful money-saving advice pieces. By deleting this data, you can refresh your information and perhaps access more inexpensive flights as it is used to identify your geolocation and past online behavior. Learn more about how to get cheaper plane tickets.

5. Making Resort And Car Reservations

How VPNs Can Save You Money: Everything You Need To Know

Resorts and car leasing companies fluctuate their prices depending on the client, as airlines do. Additional taxes, municipal fees, and insurance costs in a particular location each influence renting automobiles directly. 

That implies they may vary significantly, though a substantial chunk of the variation is due to variable pricing approaches.

Rental companies, for instance, are notorious for imposing higher fees on international customers who book online bookings.

Hence, somebody traveling NYC via Turkey would significantly gain from using a VPN service to alter their bogus geolocation to a site in the US, potentially conserving a lot of money for a week-long rental car.

Likewise, to airlines, room rates can differ significantly depending on where you book your stay.

You must preferably update the IP address from the USA to Brazil when booking lodges in New York. 

Our research reveals that tourists from Southern America who reserve a stay at the luxurious Sofitel hotel next to Times Square might save approximately $100/night.

6. Exploit Seasonal Discounts Twice

How VPNs Can Save You Money: Everything You Need To Know

Occasionally, notably during holiday sales periods such as Christmas, Halloween, etc. Retailers give consumers one-time seasonal discounts. The e-commerce portals appear designed to monitor each consumer & offer them a past, periodic discount.

When your discount has expired, you will have to purchase goods at the regular rates. The monitors might be knocked out of their game when you use a VPN by making them believe you are a new client every time. Under this fashion, you can keep taking advantage of only a one-time- seasonal discount.


Each of these perks is offered by the top VPNs; however, only some services provide the same characteristics, so it’s essential to pick a network that will preserve your confidential details while also enabling you to save money on different digital websites.

In my opinion, the right VPN offers a significant global web server, guarantees fast speeds, enables users to quickly and effortlessly alter the region, and has excellent customer service.

Such features and much more can be obtained in ExpressVPN. So what are you hoping for, then? Now is the time to start saving!


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