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Our society has entered a new era, where digital datum processing, world info exchange, and connectivity come as leading tendencies. Over 2.5 million terabytes of data are created daily. A new generation is addicted to the Internet of Things, meaning worldwide dependence on IoT technologies.

Thus, large data centers are built and set up to store, process, and redirect datum. Datacenters cater to all sorts of facilities, including enterprises, businesses, public establishments, etc. Note that server racks and cabinets are common furniture pieces for storing IT equipment. They are used in all DCs. If you need a server rack enclosure, is the best place to buy it. The distributor offers a wide range of models and helps select an appropriate piece for clients’ demands.

The need for network systems is obvious. Depending on the catered facility, the size of a data centers differs. Below, we’re going to mention the biggest data center in the world and make a list of other major DCs around the globe.

TOP Largest DCs in the World

The popularity of artificial intelligence and the rise of machine learning allowed transferring multiple tasks to IT systems. Nowadays, over 7 million DCs exist on the globe. Their size differs. Most of them serve the needs of industrial-scale companies or small businesses. Yet, a small proportion of data centers cater to international corporations and pan-world brands. Below, we’re going to mention the largest server rooms in the world.

1.China Telecom

This corporation comes as the largest data center in the world, which powers about 50% of the market share in China. The company has a branched network of over 400 DCs located both inside the country and abroad.

Inner Mongolia Information Park (IMIP) comes as the main division of the brand. It occupies 100 hectares. The start of the data center establishment required an investment of $2,5 billion. The park is located in the economic belt, which contributes to info processing and sharing. A favorable temperature of 42.8°F (6°C) is another reason for locating the data center in Inner Mongolia.

China Telecom’s facilities are used by financial and telecommunication firms for data cloud storage and computing duties. Such well-known brands as Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu use the DC infrastructure.

The company implements innovative eco-friendly and green trends to minimize energy consumption and save natural resources. For example, it uses natural airflow and rainwater to arrange cooling strategies.

2.China Mobile

It is a subsidiary of the IMIP. The second biggest server room in the world is placed in Hohhon. The DC facility building occupies 720,000 square meters and accommodates more than 40,000 racks of service capacity. $1,92 billion was invested in its building. Nowadays, it is used as a centralized system of operation support. Its infrastructure is used for 5G connection and cloud computing.

The center tries to implement innovative solutions to reduce the cost of spent funds for maintenance and satisfying green trends.

3.The Citadel Campus

The entire complex occupies over 7,750,045 square feet. Nevada, USA, is the Campus location. It is owned and built by Switch. The Campus comes as the third-largest server farms in the world. Nanotechnologies are used in the facility; 260 patented trends are implemented in the center. Hardware security is reinforced by:

  • a system of two independent roof decks that are able to withstand wind of 200 mph strength;
  • heat-dissipation hardware for climate control;
  • an integrated wiring system.

A proprietary tri-redundant UPS power system is used to ensure uninterruptible running. An always-on DDoS attack mitigation platform guarantees security.

Yet, the company is recognized to be 100% green, which comes as its main benefit. Eco-friendly trends are highly implemented in the facility. Its equipment has grade A.


CWL1 is fourth in our list of the largest data storage centers in the world. It occupies a territory of 1,460,000 square feet and is located in the UK. The facility embraces server rooms with hundreds of cabinets and servers, conference rooms, and dedicated workplaces and offices.

The campus is well-known due to its high effectiveness since it has a PUE certificate. The facility is equipped with resilient generators, a direct 400 kV SuperGrid connection, and UPS systems.

The facility is used as cloud storage, provides private data halls, and offers colocation services.

5.Apple’s Mesa

The facility is located in Arizona and occupies an area of 1,305,000 square feet. Although its owner is kept secret (they say that the infrastructure is sponsored by Tempe-based First Solar Inc), Apple Inc. calls the center its command point. It is a powerful infrastructure that provides the brand with all the needed services.

The green energy trend is important for the brand so a 300-acre solar power plant was built to power the complex of buildings. 50 MW of capacity is generated daily.

About 200 employees work in shifts to constantly monitor DC performance and maintain optimal conditions.

6.Lakeside Tech Center

Another biggest server farm in the world with an occupied area of 1,100,000 square feet. It is the biggest facility of Digital Reality. The company has more than 280 facilities worldwide. This one is located in Chicago. Nowadays, the facility caters to the needs of financial businesses, providing reliable cloud storage for large amounts of data and highly effective computing capacities.

To ensure sufficient power supply, 3 power feeds and 4 fiber vaults are installed. The infrastructure consumes around 100 megawatts of power.

The main peculiarity of the DC is its cooling system. An 8.5 million gallon tank is installed to cool down equipment. It is filled in with a refrigerated brine-like liquid. The installation of this tank allows for saving thousands of dollars on chillers and other cooling strategies.

7.Utah DC

Occupying 1,000,000 square feet, the complex of buildings caters to the needs of an entire state. The installed hardware works effectively. This DC has one of the largest server storage capacities that is capable of processing 100 petaflops. Its infrastructure is used by businesses and enterprises around the state.

If you consider the structure of the facility, 900,000 square feet of available space is dedicated to administrative buildings and tech support premises. Only 100,000 of the remaining square feet are used for housing active hardware. Other crucial components of the facility include 60 energy generators, chiller plants, supervising centers, and a fuel station for an emergency breakout.

Being large storage of datum and processing center, the facility tries to work environmentally-friendly and implement high-tech solutions to reduce the level of consumption of natural resources.

The number of DCs is on the increase annually, since our digital era can’t go without artificial intelligence. Nowadays, we entrust many tasks and duties to machines, so the computing capacity of IT systems will only increase.


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