Insta Reel Ads Vs TikTok Ads

Reel Ads

TikTok used to be thought of as “a video making software that allows users to make and share videos up to 15 seconds long.” It was even in doubt whether or not you should utilize it for your business since the app was expected to be banned by the United States.- Reel Ads

The network has reached 800 million monthly active users, which is greater than many of the world’s top platforms, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and even Snapchat.

However, in September of last year, TikTok announced that it had reached one billion monthly active users, giving advertisers a tremendous opportunity because of its rivalry with Instagram, which continues to increase in popularity. As a result, in June 2021, Instagram Reels advertising was launched. Reels ads are shown on your Instagram feed in the Reels tabs.

We at Creatopy realized that this would be a fantastic experiment to test the rivalry between these two competing platforms. As a result, we wanted to see how they compare in terms of brand recognition and reach. In order for the results to be comparable, we conducted an experiment using the same variables on both platforms.

We decided to conduct a follow-up experiment, despite the fact that we couldn’t help but debate the winner internally. The outcomes were surprising and one-sided, so we made a sequel to our study. We decided to test the two platforms with the same configuration but different content because we received a lot of input from other experts in the field.

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Is the Type of Content Important- Reel Ads?

Every time you’re thinking about running an ad campaign on a particular platform, you have to consider your audience. Our audience may be divided into several categories, as we discovered the hard way—product video vs. native video, which is better suited for TikTok. The same variables were used in our second experiment, but the video material was handled differently. The second section of this case study focuses on a more human, so-called TikTok-ish video (see an example here). The outcomes and our promoted videos will be revealed soon, and our hypothesis may be confirmed this time.

What Will We Track With These Experiments- Reel Ads?

The metrics we’re interested in tracking are:

  • Cost per 1,000 people reached
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • CPC
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • CPM

When it comes to reaching and impressions, we must be cautious about the target audience for both platforms since their age ranges might differ. We chose the 25- to 44-year-old demographic since we were aware that TikTok has a younger user base, even compared to Instagram. These numbers may be impacted by these variables as well as the cost per 1,000 individuals reached.

The metrics we were most interested in tracking were the number of clicks and CTR, as we’re discussing a video ad. We were also keen to raise awareness, but it’s worth taking a look at those numbers as well.

So, Who Uses It All: TikTok Ads or Instagram Reels Ads?

Following my session at Hero Conf. London, you will learn data about:

  • What we discovered from these tests.
  • The effect of platform differences on how a product video performed and compared to a native one.
  • What are the costs for these platforms’ measurements?
  • How to utilize these advertising platforms in accordance with your marketing strategy.

There are pros and cons to using each format, but the bottom line is that you need to be where your customers are. If they’re on Instagram, use Insta Reel ads. If they’re on TikTok, use TikTok ads. And if you’re not sure where they are, test a few different platforms to see where you get the most engagement.

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