Lean and Agile principles and practices can be commonly applied at ease at both the team and organizational level of the firm. However, the main challenge lies in the process of replicating the benefits of the Agile principles at the organizational level because of the scale of the change it requires.  Nevertheless, in whatsoever way you implement the same, enterprises that genuinely follows and embraces the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) are very efficient in carrying out successfully any large scale or multi team transformation. In this regard, a knowledgeable and experienced SAFe® 4 Agilists is highly sought after so that he can competently lead the Agile transformation across the industries and the accredited credential certification of Leading SAFE 4.0 TRAINING can be proved to be helpful in taking your job career to ultimate level.

In this article, we will specifically talk about the Leading SAFe 4.0 Training Course in Toronto, Canada which is being offered on the immersive learning platform of Zeolearn. The Leading SAFe 4.0 Training program is a comprehensively designed course of 16-hour where training will be provided by the industry expert trainers who will lead the live and interactive online sessions.


Certified SAFe® 5.1 Agilist is a professional designation offered by the globally recognized Scaled Agile, Inc. to only those individuals who demonstrate their skills and understanding by completing successfully the Leading SAFe Agilist Training Program offered on Zeolearn Academy, which is its registered learning partner.

The objective of the SAFe Agilist Course is to help the participants become able to lead a Lean and Agile transformation in their organization, and for this we have curated training sessions which will be conducted by SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs) who are recognized by Scaled Agile. The trainers will facilitate you to learn to bring the change by teaching you how to apply SAFe in the real world through various engaging instructor led activities like role plays, case studies, real world simulations, and etc what will overall help you in becoming a successful certified SAFe® Agilist.


Skilled and certified SAFe® Agilists are in great demand by the large scale organizations that are seeking to go through a Lean-Agile transformation or those who have already embraced it. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) is a robust solution for the large scale and complex organizations that want to embrace agile transformation as per the changing industry requirement, but without infringing the current system in use. Certified SAFe agilists are an able learned person who knows exactly how to bring the entire team of the firm to work together by staying aligned and collaborating with each other and the stakeholders to bring radical change by meeting the product and services delivery and other enterprise goals on time.

Zeolearn Academy is offering to you the Leading Safe Agilist certification which will be a comprehensive 48 hours training program in which the participants will be imparted requisite knowledge on how to become a successful Certified SAFe® 5.1 Agilist. The training will be aimed towards cultivating the required skill set in the individuals so that they can bring agile transformation at a large scale in the organization using the SAFe framework and its principles and practices of lean thinking, flexibility, and product development flow.

Since most of the leading companies and even now upcoming small business are opting for Agile framework to be adopted at the workplace for a faster and quicker product delivery, it becomes pertinent for the individuals to learn the techniques of using ART agile Release Train in the firm by bring collaborating with teams through the 3 planned phased: Planning, Executing, and Delivering.


The Leading SAFe 4.0 Training Course in Toronto, Canada is designed with the purpose of imparting a range of benefits to the participants of this training program. You get to gain the benefits both at the individual and organizational level and to name some of the significant ones, kindly check the below listed points:


  1. You become master of leading a Lean-Agile transformation at a large scale.
  2. The benefit of having to stand out while working in the major organizations with even more complex Agile teams, you are guaranteed going to leave a great impression.
  3. The opportunity to stay on top of the list of experts when you know the latest SAFe practices and its correct execution.
  4. With the completion of the course, you get the globally recognized and accredited certificate from the renowned Scaled Agile Inc. 
  5. The certification help you become a SAFe certified expert which helps you earn an annual average income of $107,500 per annum.


  1. Application and execution of SAFe®5.1 at a large scale at the company with diverse teams working across different time zones.
  2. Efficient collaboration exists between the diverse teams and stakeholders.
  3. Using the Lean and Agile principles in the correct direction so as to scale a Agile transformation.
  4. Create high performing Lean-Agile teams that competently deliver the products one time and within the set budget.

  1. SAFe® Fundamentals : Master the basics and fundamental concepts of the Scaled Agile Framework and also how to apply these concepts whole carrying out Agile transformation in your company.
  2. Scaling: Learn the effective application of the cultivated Lean-Agile mindset so that to scale the Lean-Agile development across the organization
  3. Principles: Cultivate a Lean-Agile mindset first in order to master the Agile principles and become a successful Lean-thinking manager.
  4. Maximize Value: Learn how to maximize optimum business value by supporting the PI planning and several events involved in the Program execution.
  5. Portfolio: Application of Lean-Agile principles and alignment of the Lean-Portfolio to meet the organizational goals.
  6.  Core Competencies: Must master the 7 core competencies concerning SAFe®5.1 which is very much important to learn a successful implementation of Lean-Agile principles.
  7.  Program Increments: Plan for the successful execution of Program Increment at the organization level.

8. Leadership: Build a Lean-Agile leadership quality to create some of the most high-performing Agile teams 

9. Transformation: Make an efficient use of the SAFe® Implementation and build a roadmap prior to enable correct implementation in the Lean and Agile transformation across the company.


The Leading SAFe®5.1 Agilist Course is designed to benefit all the team members on an Agile team, however the main target of the course is to help the individuals who are to lead the efforts in adoption and scaling of Lean-Agile principles and techniques in an Agile organization transformation. 

There are no prerequisites as such that one need to satisfy to take up the course as the training program is open to all the interested individuals and learning enthusiasts who want to learn SAFe® implementation and obtain value learning from the course to get certified. It is however recommended that participants who enrolls with the course possess at least a 5 years of experience in any of the field of business analysis, software development, product management, testing, or project management. 


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