LG K30 Specs

LG K30 Specs

Yet another day, yet another smartphone. But the phone we will be reviewing today will sound pleasing; to your pocket, of course. Yes, we are reviewing a budget phone day. Probably some of you will be disappointed about it. They wanted some flagships or so-called beasts today. But people who are aiming to buy a decent phone with a familiar brand logo on it will surely read this article with great interest today. We are talking about the LG K30 Specs. All new budget edition to their smartphone tally.

The all-new LG K30, that’s our review item for today. LG has been a prominent brand around the globe with its exciting consumer items. People have loved LG over the years, and they do see the brand as a symbol of hope and trust. With this belief and trust, LG has been delivering some of the most influential technologies in the consumer goods sectors, and smartphones are one of those.


LG was quick to see the possibilities in the smartphone industries right after Samsung, the biggest rival of LG in producing consumer goods have been ruling the market. Having a huge fan base behind their back give the real push to LG for putting their flag in the smartphone arena.

LG 30 is not the best of the best from LG, but it is a budget-friendly phone with a decent performance at a fairly good price point. We will be going through the phone in a short moment. I would like to suggest you all stick along with the whole article so that you can have a good understanding of the phone’s capability and whether it can rock the budget smartphone range. So, buckle up guys, we are in for a ride, period.


LG K30 Review: The Budget King?

Looking at the LG K30 Specs, I am rather impressed by the fact that LG has thought about the customers rather than making a fair amount of money by selling the damn phone. We will be going on that point slowly, but first, let us see what exactly the phone is made of. As you have already guessed it, I will be going through some of the prospects where the phone will be tested to its limit. The prospects are:

  • Design
  • Display
  • Performance
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Sensors and Other Features
  • Water Resistance

So without wasting any time and words, let us move on to the more detailed segments.


Design of LG K30: A Typical Smartphone with a Typical Design

LG has not done anything fancy with their all-new LG K30 as it was expected from them. The main motive behind the design is to make it more precise and user friendly. And I must say LG has done just as good as it is needed to be at this price point.

As we speak, the phone is made out of plastic, obvious, isn’t it? It is weighted around 168.1 grams. The weight is pretty decent as the average weight of the smartphone these days is concerned. The dimensions are 5.85 inches in length, 2.95 inches in width, and 0.34 inches in breadth. It is slightly thicker than the other phones in the market as we see the maximum of the smartphone in this range comes with 0.31 inches in breadth. But the difference is the pretty hairline, and you would not even notice it anyway unless we put it beside a reference scale of some sort.

The front part and the back part has no real protection as it is expected as well. But the overall look does suit the phone’s attributes. Speaking of attributes, the phone has a screen on the front (how thoughtful of me to remind you about of this!), the back part as ha single-camera setup and a LED flash for additional light support in the darker environment, a little branding as per necessary and the small speaker grills for the loudspeakers. There is a fingerprint scanner just below the camera and flash in the backside as well. It also works as the home button or the lock button of the phone.


On the left side of the phone, we will see the volume adjustment buttons, and on the right side, we will see a SIM slot that has a singular SIM and an SD Card slot inherited inside the tray. Yes, you read it right! This phone only supports a single SIM. Maybe it is because AT & T Mobile and LG started this joint venture of providing the users a SIM and a Budget smartphone in a single package. But later on, LG started making globally unlocked versions.

On the bottom, there is a primary microphone, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the USB Type 2 power and data port.

All in all, the phone is pretty basic as per as the design is concerned. LG has chosen the safe playing rather than going for something fancy.


LG K30 Full Specifications


Brand LG
Model K30
Release date May 2018
Form factor Touchscreen
Dimensions (mm) 148.60 x 74.90 x 8.60
Weight (g) 168.00
Battery capacity (mAh) 2880


Screen size (inches) 5.30
Touchscreen Yes
Resolution 720×1280 pixels


Processor 1.4GHz quad-core
Processor make Qualcomm Snapdragon 425
Internal storage 32GB
Expandable storage Yes
Expandable storage type microSD
Expandable storage up to (GB) 32


Rear camera 13-megapixel
Rear flash LED
Front camera 5-megapixel


Operating system Android 7.1


Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Yes, v 4.20


Proximity sensor Yes
Accelerometer Yes
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The Display of LG K30: The 720p Delight!

A smile came into my face when I was reading the LG K30 specs. There is an HD display installed on this particular device. The display is an LCD IPS display with a resolution of 720 Pixels in 1280 Pixels. The aspect ratio is 16:9 as per standards. The top and bottom bezels are a bit thick, to be honest. So the screen to body ratio is almost 69.5%.

The display works a bit above the satisfactory level. The screen is very bright, works decently in brighter conditions. The light, brightness, contrast, and color management is impressive for a budget phone like the LG K30.

There is a question roaming around my mind about why LG has not gone for the full HD display. The answer is power management. Smaller resolution means less power consumption.

So as we speak about the screen, it is decent and right about the necessary level for a budget smartphone like the device we are reviewing today.


Performance of LG k30: The Entry Level Expectations!

As we speak of the performance of this smartphone, we cannot expect powerful Snapdragon wonders and Adreno GPUs to boost the hood. But we still are wanting some decent power under the hood for the best in this budget. And what can you possibly ask at this price point?

Let me tell you what this little dude has to offer for you guys. But for the right understanding, we will have to inspect both the hardware and the software. So here goes nothing!


The hardware of LG K30: The BUDGET Snapdragon!

The Hardware is pretty decent as the device has to offer us right now. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 and the Adreno 308 as the GPU. This 28 nm chipset is an entry-level chipset but can give a punch on the back, and with the entry specs in GPU, the phone does a fair job in multitasking and slight gaming. But you cannot go all engines firing in this particular phone. The RAM is of 2 GB, and the storage is 32 GB. So there is some decent juice on this phone.


The software of LG K30: Pretty much Android!

This phone runs in Android 7.1, which is known as the Nougat version in the Android OS world. As far as the UI and the apps management is concerned, LG has done a brilliant job so far. As the phone was put into heavy multitasking, the software and the UI responded pretty well, and the phone stayed cool. But when we tried some intense gaming, which we shouldn’t have, the phone responded, but not as we would have experienced from powerful phones. And the phone did get heated up after some rounds. But in low graphics tasks and gaming, the phone did a great job of keeping the hypes and working seamlessly.

So as per the performance and the collaboration between the hardware and the software is concerned, I am pretty much satisfied with the phone. I do have to remind you that this phone is a BUDGET phone. So expecting skyrockets are just biting by the bush, which will eventually lead us to a dead end. So I think this phone is for the people who just need their job done, no real sort of gaming is preferred, but they do need a boost for entertainment purposes.


The camera of LG K30: The OKAY-OKAY Camera!

Speaking of the cameras of the all-new LG K30, it is not that much to say. But a decent job can be done if it gets proper light and experienced hands.

The Rear Camera is a single camera module; with a 13 Mega Pixels Camera with a PDAF sensor. Yes, a PDAF sensor comes with it. The Selfie camera or the front-facing camera is a decent 5 Mega Pixels camera.

Both the rear and the selfie camera has a LED flash to support additional lighting if needed.

Let me get this straight and clear for you. If you are a selfie lover, this phone is not for you. If you want some real videography or cool out of the box photography to showcase you shooting skills, then this is the wrong phone for you, dude.


This is a phone for the people who are not into much of clicking photos or making some clips. This phone is for the people who are a bit old, only needs to keep in touch with the world. So, you can click some decent photos of your loving ones or the scene you want to remember later. Or the place which has great light and is close to your heart. It’s basically for collecting memories in workable but good quality pictures.

Oh, I almost forgot about the videography! The rear camera supports up to 1080p at the frame rate of 30 frames per second. In the front-facing camera, we can shoot some decent photos in 720p at a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

So this wraps up the camera segment for this smartphone. Honestly speaking, after taking a couple of shots and shooting some videos, this camera is a good portion of this phone. Now everyone will come down shooting at me! As everyone is very well aware of me that I am not into the cameras.


The battery of LG K30: The USUAL Battery Performance!

The Battery is not that much as we can see in the current market so far. The Chinese giants are really kicking in this section as they are giving a 3000/4000 mAh battery.

That does not mean that 2880 mAh of the all-new LG K30 is a bit left behind. The power management of LG has been worth mentioning, and the 10-watt charger does a pretty decent job.


LG K30 Specs: Water Resistance

There is no visible water resistance on this phone.


Sensors and Other Features of LG K30

All the sensors are there in this device, and the fingerprint works pretty fast.

The Advantages and Disadvantages:

LG K30 Specs: Advantages:

  • 720p Display
  • Sleek body
  • Decent Performance

LG K30 Specs: Disadvantages:

  • Small Battery
  • Below Average Selfie Camera


FAQs of LG K30

  1. Does LG K30 come with headphones in the box?

Surprisingly No! Bad Omen, LG! A nice pair of headphones would be cheerful for the fans!

  1. Does LG K30 come with waterproofing?

No, it does not.

  1. Does it support Dual SIM?

No, it only supports a singular SIM in 4G.

  1. Does it have fast charging?

No, it does not have any fast charging,



So, this is about pretty much everything of the all-new LG 30 and the LG K30 Specs. I hope everyone has enjoyed it so far.

For my overall expressions, I have to say that this is a decent piece of tech. It is suitable for the limited users of the smartphone. So I hope your elderly relatives will be satisfied with this smartphone and they will be putting this phone in proper use. So, that was it for today. Good Bye!

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