Life As An ESL Teacher In Thailand: How To Secure The Job?


The pleasant climate, proximity to other Asian countries, and low cost of living make Thailand a fan-favorite destination for ESL teachers. Someone enthusiastic about teaching, traveling, and exploring the endless beauties of nature may settle down in Thailand as an ESL teacher.

Already convinced to pursue your dream career in this region of the world? Get a TEFL certification online. As of now, read on to the post that explains how it feels to be an ESL teacher in Thailand.

Quick Tips to Become an ESL Teacher in Thailand

To pursue your ESL teaching career in Thailand, you need two things:

  • First: A bachelor’s degree in any relevant field like English, mass communication, etc.
  • Second: You need a 120-hour TEFL/TESOL certification

Institutes in this country appreciate candidates with prior experience in teaching as an English educator or ESL teacher. Although you may not need to produce your certificate, you still need a certificate for your Bachelor’s degree.

Another consideration for becoming an ESL educator in Thailand is being a native English speaker. You should have a passport too.

What If You Have Zero Teaching Experience?

If you do not have prior teaching experience and the least knowledge about ESL teaching, you must get a certification soon. Getting a TEFL certification online can help you accomplish your dream of pursuing an ESL career in Thailand. Make sure you have a 4-weeks or 120-hour TEFL course certification from a recognized academy.

ESL Job Requirements for Non-Native and Native English Speakers in Thailand

Here goes the list of criteria for non-native and native English speakers:

  • Want to Secure the Job as a Non-Native English Speaker?

If you are a non-native English speaker, the following are your criteria:

  • A bachelor’s degree (in any subject)
  • A 120-hour TEFL certification 
  • TOEIC score of 600 or 5+ IELTS scoring
  • No criminal background screening
  • A clean health screening

  • Getting the Job as a Native English Speaker: How to Proceed?

You can pursue your dream job as an ESL teacher in Thailand with these key requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree (any subject)
  • A TEFL certificate (of 120 hours)
  • Must be a native English speaker
  • Clean criminal background check
  • No complications in health screening

Can a Resume Make or Break Your ESL Career?

If you want to teach English as a second language (ESL) in Thailand, a well-crafted resume can establish a progressive career. Never underestimate the importance of tailoring the CV to specified jobs. Highlight that you have a TELF certification, a Bachelor’s degree, and teaching experience (if any). 

Applicants with no teaching experience can highlight the job where they had to develop skills such as:

  • Management proficiencies 
  • Leadership abilities
  • Effective communication

Where to Apply As an ESL Teacher in Thailand?

An ESL teacher can get a chance in the following institutes:

  • Universities

If you want to become a professor in Thailand, you need a doctorate or master’s degree besides a TEFL certification. 

  • Public Schools

The main benefit of teaching in a public school is the long paid vacation. Also, the class sizes are bigger, with around 45-50 students in each class.

  • International Schools

International schools have requirements for foreign educators with teaching qualifications from their home countries. If you think you are an eligible candidate, your first requirement is a TEFL certification.

  • Private Language Institutes

Teaching in a private language academy is your safest solution if you aim to work anytime between the morning and evening.

Based on your contract, you can also grab opportunities to work as a private tutor for supplementary education in Thailand.

Preparing for an Interview: Steps to Undertake

Securing your ESL job in Thailand is straightforward as long as you have a TEFL certification, Bachelor’s degree, and interview preparation ideas. On that note, here’s how you should prepare for the interview:

  • Formal Interview Attire

Wear something formal and hide your tattoos or piercings. It is not necessary to wear a formal suit, but you need to wear something that looks professional. 

  • Punctuality is a Key to Success

Arriving late is a clear indication of a lack of punctuality. So, you need to arrive at the interview on time. The interviewer will appreciate it if you arrive earlier than the scheduled time.

  • Answer the Questions with Confidence

The recruiter should first test your skills and aptitudes about various teaching methods. Also, they will be eager to learn why you have chosen Thailand to pursue your ESL teaching career.

They want you to explain why Thailand seems to be a perfect destination to facilitate your experience. So, ensure you conduct an extensive survey about TEFL interview questions.

Besides, showcase your social skills by being personable because people in Thailand are incredibly cordial and hospitable. And it would be helpful if you pronounce your words clearly. Most interviewers belong to Thailand, and their first language is not English.

So, this post has mentioned all the essential things about pursuing an ESL career in Thailand. Hopefully, you have found this post helpful to proceed accordingly.


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