Top 4 International Schools You Should be Aware of



    Education is a key part of developing students and putting them into the key events of life. Therefore, Durkheim stated that education has a key importance in the development of society. It instills the core values and morals that make social structure more inclusive and cohesive. 

    Consequently, this education comes from schools, as they are known as the temple of education and training. They are responsible for providing all the necessary amenities that will allow you, a student, to grow. 

    The amenities include quality teachers, a library, and sports and recreation facilities. This will give the student overall development to proceed in greater paths of life. Hence, you will find these facilities in international schools. 

    In the next section, we will learn about the top international schools in the world. Kindly shift your attention to the next section – 

    Top International Schools One Should Be Aware Of 

    International schools are known to provide quality education to students, which helps them to grow physically and mentally. They have high-quality teachers and reading facilities that will develop the emotional intelligence and problem-solving abilities of the students. 

    Furthermore, with international schools, there ought to be international students. Hence, there will be an amalgamation of different cultures and traditions. So, we need to find some great international schools to enroll our children. 

    Here are a few of those – 

    Ecole Globale International Girls’ School, India 

    In the first section comes the Ecole Globale International Girls’ School, which is in Dehradun, India. They are one of the best international schools in the world, as they have the best amenities and teachers. Moreover, the schools rest its application of innovation and outer knowledge that will help the students to grow and enhance their skill set. 

    Also, you will find the IB curriculum with classes present from Nursery to Class XII. Hence, it takes accountability to properly develop their academics and physical development from their early childhood. 

    ICS London International School, UK 

    ICS London International School is one of the top schools in the UK. It is one of the top 20% brilliant schools in the heart of the capital. The school is in the center of the city, near Regent Park, which makes it easier for parents to drive their students to school. 

    Their curriculum is based on the IB standards, which promises to develop students academically in the best way possible. They teach students in English, which allows students from the USA, Canada, and Australia to adjust properly. Also, the school is affordable and takes students from 3 to 18 years old. 

    Brighton College, Singapore

    Another feather in the flock is Brighton College, an amazing British international school Singapore, which gives Singaporeans the opportunity to learn international standards of education.

    Their education is based on the English National Curriculum. This helps students learn about different cultures and traditions, developing students better. 

    Moreover, they have a prep school curriculum that focuses on developing children from 18 months to 13 years. Hence, you can enroll your child without any fear of changing schools. Their education will be properly taken care of in the temple of education. 

    Also, they base their education on curiosity, confidence, and kindness. This allows you to develop students properly. 

    American School in Japan (ASIJ)

    American School in Japan (ASIJ) specializes in imparting American education to Japanese students. The school was built in 1902, and since then, the school has looked to develop students from their early age to high secondary. 

    One of the biggest highlights of the school is the 570-seat theatre. The school is known to impart Creative Art Design that imparts proper art education. Also, the school has a big swimming pool, making it a perfect place to develop better students. 

    Summing Up! 

    In the end, we can say that the international schools mentioned in the discussion are perfect for developing better students. The schools have the best quality teachers and faculty members who provide the best environment for children to foster and grow. 

    Similarly, they put great emphasis on physical activity and recreation, which is also crucial to look after the physical development of the student. Therefore, you can enroll your child in any international school, and their growth will be amazing. In addition, students will learn about different cultures. This is a great way of developing a diversity mindset in students.



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