Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review

    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review

    The world of computing has been evolving day by day. People are starting to do almost anything on their computer devices. This allows companies and manufacturers to bring something fresh and refreshing every year. But not all of the computers make a good impression in the market. Here you can know about microsoft surface laptop 3 review.

    Speaking of impression, we all are aware of a tech giant named Microsoft. Yeah, I am talking about that Gates dude and his filthy rich company. But Bill was not as wealthy as he is now. All of the triumphs and achievements would not have been heard if this man didn’t take his passion seriously.

    Microsoft has been one of the biggest influential tech giants,s especially in the computing world. Microsoft is perhaps the best selling software firm that produces Operating Systems. The best and most widely spread OS in the Computing Arena is the Microsoft Windows.

    Microsoft Windows has given the devices a face and a voice. If you are a complete newbie, then here is a tech class for you. The people who are aware of the facts and foremost do stick with us. First of all, we will be discussing Microsoft Windows.

    Microsoft Windows has been the most used operating system on the planet. But what exactly is an OS? The full form of OS is the Operating System. So, let us first clear out the basics then move on to the review.

    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review in 2020

    Operating System

    Suppose you want to complete a significant task on your computer. So, all you need to do is to command the computer to do the assigned job.

    But think of this like that way. When you are giving a command, the computer takes it and executes it. But how did it do that? The answer is simple, Operating System. Operating System is the bridge between the user and the device. The OS is simply the platform on which the computer completes or commits the examination.

    So, when you want to play music on your computer, then you will launch the software and play the song. But OS records all of your movements and executes it step by step. There are many kinds of OS available in the market. The first one is, of course, Microsoft Windows. This is perhaps the most common OS in the world. Followed by that in terms, the next big name in the OS list is the iMac. This is used only in Apple products and devices, so we will not take into interest. There are other operating systems, such as UNIX or Linus. But these are not that friendly as the other two OS are.

    But today’s debate is not on this particular topic. Today, we will be reviewing one of my dream, the Surface Laptop 3. So, this is going to be pretty crucial for the audience. Because they do not know what to expect, some of us did not even know that Microsoft is building physically accessible devices.

    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review: Surface Devices

    Microsoft has been pioneering in the world of computational solutions. But the main thing is that they were always making software for others! Big companies are making a lot of money. But somewhere down there, they knew that their majority copies are pirated. Or, the same question can rise again, is it worth it to make their own devices just out of nothing?

    In my opinion, the risk was worth mentioning. This initiative has bloomed the flowers for the company, and people are supporting them as well.

    Surface devices are a set of computing devices that has a different sort of approach on every angle. These devices are not ordinary. Microsoft has done a lot of research before heading into the hardware market. Thus the results are pretty visible.

    If you look closely, you will be dazzled by the amount of effort Microsoft is putting on to a single product. They think like a consumer, not a manufacturer. This is the main factor behind their success. Every component is well crafted for maximum performance.

    Surface Pro

    Now, there are five major devices in the Microsoft Surface lineup. The first one is the Surface Pros. These are the best tablet-like personal laptops that are equally powerful and efficient for the users. The main attraction of this device is the amazing screen, better processor than any other tablet form factor, and above all, versatility. These are the reasons why this product stands out from the crowd.

    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review: Surface Laptop

    The next product is the Surface Laptops. Equipped with the best in class components, Surface Laptops are the prime choice for your everyday work. This combines class and performance in a minimalistic form factor, which makes this product so desirable. On the other hand, some features are indeed one of a kind in this range.

    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review: Surface Book

    The third one is perhaps an exciting product and my personal favorite. It is the Surface Book. This is a laptop, first of all. So, what makes this so special? I tell you why. This little beast comes with a lot of heat in the performance unit. So, this can be pushed for an awful lot of multitasking and some intense gaming. So, what’s the big deal?

    A gaming laptop can do this, as well. But have you ever seen a laptop detaching or simply undocking its screen from the base portion?! Yes, you read it right! This is the unique feature of this product. The screens are touch screens in all the products, by the way. So, you can scribble anything in them with your fingers or something like that. For the icing on the cake, Microsoft has a state of the art pen known as the Surface Pen. This helps you to navigate far more efficiently.

    Surface Studio

    The next product is a one of a kind product in the market. And Microsoft is the proud manufacturer of this product. This is known as the Microsoft Surface Studio. This is a massive desktop computer. But what makes this stand apart and be the alone wolf? The form factor and the tilting feature. Are you feeling dizzy? Yes, let me break that up for you. First of all, as you have read, this is a desktop computer. So, what are the basic things that you normally see on a desktop computer?

    There should be a monitor, a CPU, or, in some cases, the display unit may inherit the processing unit as well, a mouse, a keyboard, and that’s about it. Cool, you have a desktop computer. Surface Studio is indeed a desktop computer. But what till you see it tilted and the screen is fully touch screen! Yes, you read it right! Surface Studio has reimagined the world of desktop computing. This is pretty cool itself. It is first loaded with a lot of firepowers. The user experience is smooth, and the usability is beyond the limits.

    Surface Hub and More

    This product is known as Surface Hub. This is specially designed for business purposes where you will be having a meeting and require to present your reports to the team. This enables you to not only do that but gives you a whole lot of access to every component and features you will need in the office.

    Microsoft accessories are one of the most advanced and desirable nowadays. What Microsoft did here is that it has created an ecosystem that is sustainable and enjoyable. Now, let us move into the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review.

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    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review: the Best in the Business?

    So, this year Microsoft has announced a new product in the Surface laptop lineup. When I first saw this one, I was like I have to get my hand on one of these and got to give you guys a full Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review.

    So, what’s new in this year’s Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review? We are about to find out. So, please stick with us right till the end. We are up for a ride.

    Screen and Dimensions

    First of all, there is a new variant in the lineup. This year, in Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, we will be getting two different models in two different sizes. The first one is the 15-inch version, and the latter is the 13.5-inch version. I have got the opportunity for both the products and I will be sharing my thoughts on both of them.

    They are kicking things off with the screen. The screens of these laptops are the PixelSense screen panels. These are the signature screens for the Microsoft Surface line ups. An unusual aspect ratio, of course, but the main attraction is the 10 point touch facility. This product, like every other Surface product, comes with the Surface Pen facility.

    This screen is pretty bright and breathes taking. The resolution might be unusual, but that suits the laptop very much. The main aspects are pretty solid, and colors are vivid as well. This is pretty dope,

    In this Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review, we will be seeing the processors and the performance components.


    Before going further deep into the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review, I would like to inform you that the Surface Laptop 3 lineup comes in the latest 10th Generation processors. The base model comes with the Intel Core i5 10 Gen processor, and the pristine model comes with the latest core i7 10th Gen. So, these are simply powerful PCs in the market. That is why these are so special.

    This year, Surface Laptops has a new feature. And that is the SSDs are removable. However, Microsoft does not encourage to move or replace the SSDs. But the main factor of this feature is the productivity. Then again, this year, the replaceable SSDs are far faster than last year.

    The RAMs are the latest DDR4x RAMs. These are faster and consume less power from the battery. In a recent study, these DDR4x RAMS consumes 30 percent less power for more batte4r life.

    Now, in the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review, we will be looking into the special attributes of the Microsoft Laptop 3.


    This year, the Alcantara models are a shade darker, which is pretty much efficient. For those who still don’t like the fabric-like texture can easily shift to the Magnesium and Aluminum combines bodies. The trackpad this year is almost 20 percent larger than last year. This is pretty much hands down the best trackpad in the Windows-powered laptop line ups. If you see closely, there are no speaker grills that mean there are no speakers? Nope, the speaker’s fire sound from beneath the keyboard! This gives you a groovy texture and a sound more mature as the membranes of the keyboards works like an amplifier.

    Another important feature is the instant-on technology. This allows the laptop to wake up instantly. The Windows Hello is blazing fast, and the dual stereo mics do a solid job. The antenna lines are hidden this year. The air vent is very much open and smart in air derating.

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    Honest Thoughts

    This Laptop range comes at a base price of 999 US Dollars and cranks up to a couple of hundred bucks more in the 13.5-inch model. On the other hand, the Core i7 versions are far pricier and powerful. The 15-inch version starts form 1079 US dollar mark and also goes up in an orderly manner.

    So, my honest thoght5 is that this one has some of the best features in the laptop unit so far. This is personally my favorite on the go windows laptop of all time. So, this is because the battery life can endure up to a solid 9-hour mark! This is beyond compare.

    Wrapping Things Up!

    So, that was all for today. I hope you guys have enjoyed the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Preview. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments. Till= then, Good Bye!

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