Google Pixel Buds Price

Google Pixel Buds Price

The Google Pixel Buds now arrive in an already very crowded and mature market, that of truly wireless earphones. They do so carrying a name that in the past has not exactly been synonymous with success. This second incarnation, however, seems one of those studied well at the table, and in fact, trying them was a bit of love at first sight. Will it be infatuation or true love? In this article, we will give you a complete idea about google pixel buds price.


Google Pixel Buds Price (2020)
Google Pixel Buds Price

Small and compact package for the Pixel Buds, inside which we find earphones with the case, three rubber pads in all (small, medium, and large), a USB-C / USB-A cable a bit of manual. The port on the case is a Type-C, so Google’s idea is that you already have a charger with a type A input. Curiously, the Pixel (smartphone) charger is a Type-C.

Construction and comfort

If there’s one thing we like about the Pixel Buds, it’s their convenience. You can wear them until the battery is completely discharged without too much trouble. Google’s earphones are compact and equipped with a design that is iconic in its way. But which does not sacrifice anything on the altar of usability, indeed. They will not take off quickly, neither eating nor changing their T-shirt.

This is possible not only thanks to the classic rubber pads of three different sizes (hint: you don’t necessarily have to use the same size for both ears) but above all, thanks to a ” stabilizer arch.”Which keeps them anchored in place. It is a hybrid design, different from simple in-ear headphones. Which guarantees more excellent grip and maximum comfort. And one who isn’t a fan of in-ear solutions tells you!

Both earphones are equipped with touch controls. Which were always practical and precise. One-touch to play / pause/answer calls, two touches to skip track / hang up, three to go back to the previous song, and a horizontal swipe to adjust the volume. With a long press, you will speak directly with the Google Assistant, which can also be called up via the canonical hotword Ok Google. All these gestures are accompanied by sound feedback, except those relating to the volume. We do not know why the latter were excluded. The effect of which may seem evident, but we would not have minded having some confirmation of the correct interpretation of the swipe.

Google Pixel Buds Price 2020

The Pixel Buds are also IPX4 certified, like many competitors. This means resistance to sweat and water splashes but beware of dust, or maybe sand, since we are in the height of summer.

Case aside: one of the best of its kind. Pleasant to the touch, and compact enough to fit easily into your jeans pocket. Being completely white, however, it stains with enormous ease. Avoid storing it later with keys or other objects, or its matte finish will be easily scratched. We also point out that the case is compatible with the Qi standard of wireless charging, in case you have a suitable base and do not want to use the cable.

Google Pixel Buds Price: Features and audio quality

Pixel Buds have a tone of their own. Strong of 12mm dynamic drivers and above all of a particular acoustic design, which thanks to environmental holes, deliberately lets in some of the surrounding sounds. It must be clear that inserted well, the Buds isolate, but do not “soundproof” and allow you to have a better perception of what surrounds you, which we particularly appreciated during use as tourists. Obviously, there is no mention of ANC, which would be impossible to do with such a realization. It’s just another kind of approach, and basically, we like that Google wanted to do something different. As useful as other Active Noise Canceling solutions are, it’s a kind of technology that works better on circumaural headphones than on simple earbuds, and maybe Google didn’t want to do things by halves. Or perhaps he just didn’t even try: hard to say.

Apart from that, there is still all the volume you need to let you listen to your music without hassle, especially since, thanks to the adaptive sound. The earphones themselves will manage the work automatically.

We noticed the difference more quickly when moving from a noisy to a quiet environment than the other way around. And in general, the algorithm is also well-calibrated, in the sense that it does not shoot the volume of the earphones to the maximum in the case of sudden loud nois. But only acts on prolonged noises., and in general without exaggerating too much with the volume. If you still want to make some changes, the functionality will deactivate itself for some time, to prevent the work from changing again.

Google Pixel Buds Price
Google Pixel Buds Price

Google Pixel Buds Price in 2020

When it comes to sheer audio quality, Google here has perhaps gone the extra mile, talking about great sound. It is a good listening experience, but not a record one. The audio has a sufficiently wide range, and even the bass, although not too full, is all there. Most noticeable is the very crystal clear audio, too much actually. It is as if Google wanted to apply a sharpening filter to the sound, with the result that it is sometimes a bit artificial. This also takes some of the body out of the sound. Which at times would have benefited from being more “dirty” and less detailed.

The audio in call also enjoys a good cleaning of background noises, in particular sounds such as cars passing by, ensuring that you are easily understood by your interlocutor, network permitting. In this regard, you will find an example here ready to download. The voice quality, however, suffers a little and is not the best in general.

Obviously, there is no lack of voice commands ” Ok Google, “which will occasionally guide you directly in the use of some functions. Such as the ability to respond directly to WhatsApp chats by voice or reading incoming notifications (you can enable individual apps what do you want). Particularly impressive is the instant translation function. Which basically starts Google Translate in conversation mode on the phone, allowing you to use the Pixel Buds as microphones to talk. It would have been nice to really try it on a trip abroad, but this is not the time.

Google Pixel Buds 2020

Finally, regarding the touch controls, we point out that we found them well made, even if every now and then, it happened that the audio went to pause without having pressed anything. The problem occurred mainly in conjunction with the Maps navigator, so it may somehow also be the latter’s fault. Just a touch on the earphones and the music starts again.

On the other hand, the in-ear detection works very well. Which automatically pauses the music if you take off even one of the two earphones. Reinserting the headset, the audio will restart automatically.

Finally, autonomy is about four and a half hours. More than the five declared by Google, with the case able to provide you with five refills. The discharge of the two earphones. However, is notably not homogeneous, with differences between right and left that even reach 30%.

At the launch of the google pixel buds price in the USA, there was a lot of talk about disconnection and intermittent audio problems. In the tests, we had only one real problem, with the earphones completely mute, even if they were not discharged. Once placed in their case, they then resumed functioning. We have never experienced intermittent audio. Let’s say that, knowing the “instability” of Bluetooth, such a thing did not surprise us. But if, over time, we notice the repetition of similar problems, we will update the review; unfortunately, we have only been testing them since last week.

Google Pixel Buds Price

The “adaptive sound” function is guilty of the uneven discharge of the two earphones. By deactivating it, not only the difference between the two drops below 10%. You will gain a good half hour of use, reaching the fateful 5 hours that we could not go otherwise. It must be said that adaptive sound works really well. If the price to pay for it is half an hour less of autonomy, in our opinion, it is worth it all.

We also point out, however, that, unfortunately, the occasional disconnections continue, at a rate of about one a week. The only way we have found to restore the connection in these cases is to leave the earphones in the case for a few seconds.

Once a week is not a tragic pace, as long as things don’t get worse, and in any case. We hope that a subsequent update can completely resolve the issue.

And still speaking of problems, even if the latter is not really such in our opinion. There is some background static, but audible only in a silent environment, at minimum volume and with vocal rather than musical audio. A “problem” common to many headphones/earphones. Which does not in the least penalize the user experience. Some users who had complained about it spoke of much louder hums.

Finally, we point out that if you had a Pixel smartphone. Otherwise, there is a dedicated app  (even for iOS), which is completely identical. Below you will find a series of screenshots that illustrate the various options available.

Microphones quality

On the other hand, the microphones that transmit our voice with good clarity are good. We asked our interlocutors for an opinion several times, with always positive comments.

The fluctuating performance in the musical rehearsal is transformed into crisp and clear voices of our interlocutors.


Google ensures 5 hours of autonomy on a single charge. Which becomes 24 hours if we consider the possibility of charging with the case. The judgment, also, in this case, is lukewarm. We would have hoped for a total autonomy higher than that of the AirPods. Even in the face of the heavier weight of the case alone. That suggests a larger battery pack (40 grams is the weight of the AirPods case, against 56 grams of the Pixel Buds case. ).

The 5 hours of autonomy in listening to music are real, while the data in telephone calls is not indicated.

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Pixel Buds have several strengths, but also some shortcomings. First of all, they’re a bad buy if you have an iPhone. We don’t take it for granted, considering that AirPods have no particular problems working in conjunction with an Android smartphone. In our test, we found some connectivity and ergonomics problems, in addition to the total loss of additional functions.

The ergonomics of the google pixel buds price are good. Additional features like adaptive audio or working in conjunction with Google Translators are interesting, but they don’t change your life. The presence of the always active voice assistant and the touch controls work very well.

The big lack, however, is an active noise reduction system. Google will likely develop a counterpart to the AirPods Pro in the future. But the fact remains that there are many headsets available today, in the same price range (or even cheaper) equipped with ANC.


199 € is an important price for these google pixel buds price because it places them in the heart of the AirPods area. Given the launch at $ 179 in the US. We would have hoped for something less, because, despite their quality. It will not be easy to win this figure in a market already so full of quality alternatives at lower prices. All that remains is to hope for the occasional discounts of the Google Store, even if there will be to wait. We do not trust to see them easily at third-party retailers. Unfortunately, but if we have to set our sights on any offer over time. We will not hesitate as always to report it to you.

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Final judgment

Pixel Buds have the character to spare. It was not easy to arrive in 2020, in a market already full of alternatives, and to propose something that stood out from the competition in various respects. The design, the wearing comfort, and also the particular sound performance. Given not only by audio (too) crystal clear but also by the fact that the earphones let you perceive the right amount of surrounding sounds. And then there are various smart functions, from in-ear detection to automatic volume adjustment. To cleaning the audio on call, up to integration with the Google assistant. The autonomy is not record-breaking, but more than enough for most uses, and with the beautiful case supplied (you will open and close it all the time, as with certain Zippos!

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