Real-time video monitoring


Innovative video surveillance systems that provide operators with real-time content help prevent terrorist attacks, major robberies, and many other dangerous social or political problems. Our company Euristiq develops projects for the installation of high-quality video surveillance and implements them on the customer’s territory, increasing the security of his business many times over.

What is video traffic monitoring?

Most of the orders from Euristiq for the installation of high-tech real-time video monitoring are for traffic monitoring since any transport artery is considered an object of increased danger, which requires prompt detection of an accident immediately after an accident to save human lives.

How does video traffic monitoring work?

Monitoring of road traffic through modern video surveillance systems in real-time is far from being limited to the simple installation of IP cameras with the convergence of their transmitting devices into the operator’s room. Today it is a complex technology, which is based on the use of the following algorithms:

  •  Content analysis is the identification of objects whose parameters match the predefined algorithms in the software, for example, a sudden outbreak of fire, or changes in speed limits.
  • Identification of suspicious license plates, violators of traffic rules, or those vehicles that are listed in the databases of the traffic police.
  • Set up alerts for any dangerous change in the situation on the road, for example, a sudden traffic jam.

Thus, real-time video monitoring using modern IT technologies makes it possible to detect danger even before an accident or other dangerous event occurs since cameras and actuators react to any suspicious change in activity.

Principles of video analytics

Real-time video surveillance and monitoring systems, installed together with smart software by Euristiq specialists, have a certain algorithm of operation, which is based on the following principles:

  • Analysis of the appearance of the monitoring object and its comparison with the standard specified in the program.
  • Analysis of the faces of people, drivers of cars, buses, trucks, cyclists, motorcyclists, or other road users, each of which must move on a dedicated lane.
  • Identification of non-standard colors on clothing or symbols, with the response of the video camera actuator.
  • Monitoring the number of people, cars, or other vehicles in one place, which may indicate the presence of a crowd, a rally, a mass meeting of suspicious persons, long lines, as well as criminal incidents.
  • Analysis of the degree of natural or artificial lighting of both outdoor space and premises to prevent excessive energy consumption, or vice versa, turn on the central lighting in time.

Thus, smart cameras and high-tech video monitoring systems are ordered not only by individuals or representatives of the security service and the management of various companies but also by city authorities and law enforcement agencies.

The algorithm of the video monitoring system based on artificial intelligence technology

Euristiq offers all customers the design, installation, and commissioning of a real-time video monitoring system based on artificial intelligence technology. This work includes the following algorithms:

  • Analysis of the terms of reference from the customer, setting the main problems and tasks.
  • Development of a technological map for the phased execution of work, which allows you to achieve the expected result.
  • Development of software, testing it in operational mode, checking the possibility of machine learning, and analyzing the performance of AI for error-free identification of objects based on the criteria specified in the algorithm.
  •         Checking the response of the executive device to alarms from the AI system when the parameters of the monitored object change.
  •         Teaching an AI system to create algorithms for recognizing objects according to non-linear patterns of changing their parameters, without being tied to a set of primitive functions.
  •         Deployment of the system, implementation of AI technology in the software, testing of the entire video monitoring set, and correction of errors, if any.

As a result of the development and implementation of the product from Euristiq, the customer receives an automatically scalable system that develops as each new object is registered, expanding the list of covered parameters and increasing the efficiency of monitoring the situation at the facility in real-time.

Basic advantages of the real-time video monitoring system

Currently, more and more customers of video surveillance systems often pay attention to real-time monitoring systems based on artificial intelligence technology, as they have the following advantages over outdated control methods:

  • When starting such systems, only advanced modern software is used, which is characterized by high performance and a large number of options.
  • The development company uses an innovative approach, considering any possibilities for the effectiveness of the monitoring algorithm.
  •  The highest degree of protection – the real-time monitoring system ensures that cameras are triggered by almost any risk factor, taking into account various parameters for changing objects or their number every period specified by the system.
  • The ability to scale the functionality of artificial intelligence, based on the analysis and creation of a structured database that includes all unused parameters and raw video materials, which ensures continuous improvement of control over the situation at the facility, preventing the occurrence of dangerous situations.
  • Possibility of integrating video monitoring technology based on artificial intelligence with internet sensors. This approach guarantees not only notification of the operator about the situation at the facility, but also the implementation of the necessary actions to prevent the onset of negative consequences. For example, this applies to turning on or off lighting, adjusting a traffic light to normalize traffic, tracking an object in case of a short circuit, turning on an automatic fire extinguishing system, or blocking locks in case of unauthorized entry into the premises.

In addition to security, we should also not forget about business, since it is smart video surveillance of staff or customers in the trading floor, hotel lobby, restaurant or cafe, or in other areas where trade or services are provided, which allows you to identify violations in time, prevent it and gain advantages over competitors, which will ensure the expansion of the client base, a quick return on payback and profit. Thus, modern real-time video monitoring technology makes life easier for millions of people, and also improves security in any business area.


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