Third-Party Software Testing Services: 5 Reasons For QA Outsourcing


    First of all, the bad news: yes, there are dozens of potential reasons for your app to flop at the market. It could be poor understanding of your target audience, a lack of a genuine idea behind the app, bad user experience or inadequate marketing. All these factors can literally destroy any phenomenal product ready to skyrocket to success.

    However, even having passed all these obstacles, you still risk losing your end-user due to underwhelming bugs, excessive loading time and crashes. We know too many apps that failed in the market for this particular reason.

    According to several surveys, around 88% of users tend to delete the app because of bugs. Which means that all-stage comprehensive software testing is a must for any software related product. What’s more, employing third party software testing services is the most effective solution. We will give you 5 reasons why this is the best choice for your business.

    Cost-cutting advantage of the third party testing services

    On the one hand, a third-party testing partner will let you focus on your work rather than the management of your in-house QA team, which is strategically more beneficial for your business in the long run. On the other hand, your own QA squad will most definitely cost more than an outsourced Quality Assurance. Especially when you require flexibility with your tasks, or when you scale up your QA demands to fit the growing project. 

    Don’t forget that developing your specialist is a time and money consuming process. First, you need to find an adequately skilled specialist (which by itself can be tricky) then provide necessary training and team integration. By the time you have a ready-to-go in-house QA engineer, the costs may exceed hiring an outsourcing team. 

    Besides, with a third party testing team, you can choose the hourly rates depending on the project complexity and size. By the way, from the geographical point of view, the most attractive region for this purpose in Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine. The country is one of the Global leaders in software development and QA in terms of fees and quality ratio since IT experts of the top-level offer their service at rates lower than in the majority of World countries.

    Dedicated team of specialists

    The second benefit of hiring a third party application/software testing team is the possibility of having dedicated professionals handy to fulfill comprehensive testing without having to make shifts and changes in development schedules. In other words, the process of development won’t be hindered by the necessity of resource reassignment.

    Needless to say, other responsibilities attached to the in-house QA specialists will also be taken care of by the outsourcing contractor. We are talking about sick leaves, vacations or even resigning of a full-time in-house QA engineer. 

    Moreover, it’s a common shortcoming of a staff QA to stick to the safer well-known testing techniques and not try new ways. Whereas third party software testing companies constantly work on improvement of their skills and inventory in order to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving market. 

    The combined expertise and ability to look at the problem from different angles make them even more efficient. Worthy to mention, these companies provide the best (and sometimes, quite costly) testing environment for your projects, including work stations (PC’s, tablets or smartphones), various OS, and other software conditions required by the project.

    Objective testing

    Another important thing is keeping the QA objective while testing the product. Many cases show that assigning software development and QA to different teams is the most efficient solution for that matter. It’s just human nature to be less critical towards flaws in the product that you design, therefore, maintaining objective evaluation can become an issue, and serious bugs may be overlooked. This is not a problem with separate teams. External QA specialists have a fresh and unbiased attitude, which improves the overall accuracy of testing results. 

    Although, in this case, well-organized and effective communication between the teams is highly important. It is the responsibility of the PM to arrange the software testing process effectively. Worst case scenario: an external QA team can always be replaced in case of unsolvable disputes.

    Choosing the right expert

    This brings us to the next advantage – the freedom to choose among the vast variety of companies on the market. Finding the right partners can be tough, yet, it is less painful than investing time and money into an in-house QA engineer that can simply fail to fit in or even turn out to be a disaster. 

    There are some common strategies to avoid such mishaps like trial tasks, partner recommendations and client testimonials. Of course, it is a good idea to do research on the web to see how your potential QA service partner is doing in terms of reputation.

    For the most part, the public company profile can say a lot about its credibility. Important figures are: how big is the company, years on the market, level of expertise etc. For example, TestFort QA team is 250+ certified testing specialists experienced in the big data projects working together with highly professional PM’s and the analytic team helping to optimize client’s business processes with the best approaches and practices on the market, be it Agile or DevOps etc.

    Loyalty and partnership

    The last (but not the least important) item on our list is finding a loyal business partner and developing a productive long-running collaboration for many years to come. 

    In this case, a third-party testing team like TestFort would be a perfect choice. We strive not only to become a trustworthy QA contractor, but also to be a reliable partner that can provide support to your projects and make valuable input into your business growth. 

    We achieve this through an in-depth understanding of the business requirements and product potential. We know the key to successful work is not only inaccurate and scrupulous code audit but also in providing fast and meaningful communication (both day-to-day and problem solving).


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