Top Personalised Phone Cases 2021

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    These days, our phones are essentially an extension of our arms. Without our mobile devices in tow, the world seems a little off its axis, so we must protect them at all costs. Broken phones and smashed screens need not be a part of life thanks to giant leaps forward in protective covers and cases.

    Protecting your smartphone used to mean hiding it under some sort of military-grade armour that turned it into a pocket-sized tank: not subtle or stylish. Now, phone cases are sleek and streamlined to provide maximum protection and look good at the same time.

    What’s more, you can opt for a personalised phone case. Use your favourite photo or artwork or choose from some incredible designs by other artists to spice up your mobile game. Here are our favourite picks for personalised and custom phone cases in 2021.


    One of the best sites for personalised phone cases is CaseFace. They have covers to fit virtually any smartphone on the market with hard, flip, clear, and defender models. You can customise the base colour to whatever you want it to be, add text in more than 100 font options, and upload the photo of your choice.

    You can also choose from a range of shock-absorbent designer custom phone cases already created for you. The collections are quirky, cool, and have something for everyone. From brand logos to cartoons to seasonal themes, CaseFace has one of the best selections on the market. Keep your phone safe and unique with a one-of-a-kind phone case at a reasonable price.


    Another one of our top picks for custom phone cases in 2021 is Redbubble. Although the site doesn’t have a personalisation function, the custom case designs are next level.

    Artists, photographers, illustrators, and anyone else with a decent dose of creative juices can submit designs and have them turned into beautiful, quirky custom phone cases. Why not have a go at selling your art to Redbubble and have your name immortalised in the form of a phone case? The contributing artist’s name sits proudly beside their design on the site.

    Redbubble works with Samsung Galaxy models and all the current iPhones in snap, soft, and tough cases.


    2021 style is all about standing out and being unique from head to toe. What accessory plays a more central part in our daily lives than a smartphone? Every detail matters. Without a case, your phone is at risk, so buying high-quality protection is essential. Perfectly balance substance and style with a personalised or custom phone case from either of these leading retailers.


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