Why On-Site Search is Important for SEO and User Experience


    Marketers and business owners use first-party and third-party data as well as different types of tools so that they can strengthen their communication with their potential audiences. One of the best benefits of on-site search is that you don’t need to wonder what the users are up to when they land on your business website.

    Users will use the on-site search option of your website with specific keywords so that they can find the things they are looking for. As per reports, online users who use the on-site search box will more likely to purchase something from the website.

    When you monitor the data from the on-site search box regularly, you will be able to boost the SEO marketing services efforts of your business in numerous ways. Continue reading the article to know more.

    Site UX 

    If you think that the searches on your website are starting from a specific page, make sure you assume that something essential is missing from the navigational standpoint. Consider taking a close look at that specific page so that you can convert the trending search query of your website into something more of a focused factor.

    For instance, if most of the on-search of your website start from the homepage and most of the searches are associated with ‘login’, you need to ensure that you’re making the login option more transparent on the homepage.

    Keyword Research 

    Do you know the best secret that SEO analysts will never tell you? Users will use specific keywords as per the things they are searching in the on-site search box of your website. This means that they don’t use this specific tool for something that they aren’t interested in.

    The on-site search box of your website is almost similar to what they originally type on the different types of search engines. The people who go through this query will undoubtedly become paying customers of your business. Make sure you consider paying close attention to the keywords they are searching for so that you can know what products or services of your business are more popular. You can also use the on-site search box while searching for relevant keywords.

    Gaps in the Content 

    When you monitor the on-site search box, you will be able to receive some powerful insights. If you notice terms that are backed up by unique high searches as well as high exit rates, this means that people are searching for these pieces of information on your website but failing to find them. As a result, they are exiting from your specific webpage or website.

    This data is extremely important for your business as it will inform you where you need to develop the new content so that your audience can find it easily.

    Sitelink Search Box

    If the homepage of your business website comes as the search result, the Google search engine algorithm might showcase a scoped searched box as per your website.

    However, keep in mind that this won’t guarantee the visibility of the sitelinks search box on the search engine results.

    On-Site Search Best Practices 

    Implementing a search widget on your website is not enough to capture the attention of your customers. If the search feature of your website fails to fulfill the expectations of the customers, it will create various problems.

    It will become a barrier between your audience and the products or services they want to purchase from your website. Here are some essential practices you should follow while including an on-site search box on your website.

    Placement of the Search Box 

    You need to be careful about the placement of your search box as your audience should be capable of finding it easily. This is because they will not prefer scrolling through your website just to find the search box.

    If someone accesses your website from their desktop or PC, you need to include the on-site search box in a prominent place such as the top right corner. On the other hand, mobile device users should be able to access the on-site search box at the top of the screen.

    Don’t place the on-site search box too close to other types of boxes as it will overwhelm your users.

    Design of the Search Box 

    As the on-site search box is one of the most important parts of your business website, you need to pay close attention to its design so that you can make your website much more effective. As per Business News Daily, make sure your website is easy to navigate.

    There are three primary design elements you need to know about the on-site search box: a search button, a search box, and a magnifying glass.

    The search box is where the users will input their keywords. However, if the input field is not long enough, people might not be able to see the whole text which will make the editing process harder. This is why it’s best if you use 27-character input.

    When you include a search button in the design, you will be able to help the users understand that there’s an extra button that they need to press to trigger the search. Apart from that, you also need to include the symbol of a magnifying glass as this is the most common symbol for ‘search’.

    Auto Complete

    This is one of the best on-site search practices you need to know. The auto-complete feature will predict what the users are searching for as per the suggested or popular search queries.

    With the help of the auto-complete feature, the on-site search box will recommend a category or item that the user might be searching for. This will save both their effort and time typing. The primary objective of the auto-complete is not to make the searching function faster but to help users receive better search queries.


    This is everything you need to know about the importance of the on-site search for SEO and user experience. Make sure the on-site search box of your website is easy to find. Additionally, you also need to ensure that your audiences aren’t facing problems while accessing the on-site search box. You can also choose the on-site search widgets that will help you with the customization process of the results.


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