Why You Need Your Business Robotic Process Automation


In accordance with the latest CRMside report, the world’s business process automation (BPA) branch is going to reach 19.6 bln in 2026 compared to nearly $9.8 billion in 2020. Analysts explain such a trend through the fact that BPA implementation helps significantly increase profit and essentially reduces corporate spending. So, let’s dive deeper into this.

What Should Be Known About Business Robotic Process Automation?


Specialists recommend ordering BPA services from reliable development companies only. For example, using the link https://intetics.com/competences/rpa-chatbots-and-intelligent-automation/, you may receive qualitative process automation services. Reputable agencies offer robotization assistances at a good price and always take responsibility for the quality of their products.

On the other hand, IT companies with unchecked reputations frequently don’t have enough qualified developers. Moreover, they often hire freelancers who’re ready to complete a certain project as cheaply as possible. As a result, such agencies miss deadlines and produce software with numerous lacks, which they correct later for an additional fee.

Does BPA Suit Your Business?

Such services fit companies that work in numerous different branches. For example, insurance, sales, outsourcing, and industrial enterprises intensively implement automated features into their workflows nowadays. Moreover, state institutions actively introduce the mentioned features today.

Separately, it’s worth noting marketing process robotization. Analysts of CRMside.Com state that automated functions allow for increasing productivity by up to 14%. Furthermore, BPA suits any sized company. That’s because of the robotization following peculiarities:

  1. Cost-effectiveness – this feature is especially important for startups. That’s due to such companies typically having small budgets.
  2. Scalability – the mentioned peculiarity fits medium-sized enterprises. This is because midsize businesses commonly develop intensively. Also, such companies occasionally have sharp workload increases (e.g., seasonal ones). In these cases, business process automation allows scaling productivity sans hiring new employees.
  3. Ability to track working results – this feature is incredibly helpful for huge corporations having numerous departments. Moreover, you can standardize your services using automated functions. That may be particularly helpful for hefty companies with branches in different countries.

Entrepreneurs can get more information on this topic at thematic websites, such as intetics.com.

Key Benefits of BPA

Probably, the main advantage is that such features help avoid mistakes as a part of an intensive workflow. That’s because software is able to perform tasks 24/7 without decreasing efficiency. On the other hand, live workers tend to be distracted by third-party things and get tired.

Robotization also assists in raising employee satisfaction. This is due to automated features being able to take a significant part of the work. The mentioned benefit allows for avoiding employee overloads. As a result, workers become happier and perform assignments more passionately.

So, Why Do You Need to Implement BPA?


Automated business processes may enhance the effectiveness of any department of your company. For example, such features are widely employed in the following enterprise divisions:

  • customer support service departments;
  • sales and marketing branches;
  • HR as well as management departments;
  • accounting and finance divisions.

Additionally, there are automated systems that simplify onboarding processes. So, entrepreneurs don’t have to waste time holding traineeships if they use Fortra’s BPA software. To get more detailed info on this theme, you may visit, for instance, Intetics topical blog.


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