Skilled and Talent Software Developers for Hire


    Today hiring software developers for your business needs is an absolute must-have skill for everyone. Having your own application is a great tool for expanding business and creating a strong bond with customers, so, naturally, you will want a digital product of superb quality. In this post, we will talk about skilled and talented software engineers, what qualities they must have, where to find them and what cooperation model to choose for better results. 

    Start of the hiring process

    Before you start the whole hiring process, you will need to have a clear and detailed plan of the future app, a list of must-have features at launch, a list of ones you can add later, basic technical requirements, preferred team size, roles and structure, and many more factors considered beforehand, With this blueprint, you can save a lot of money, time and resources and hire more efficiently. 

    The next important step is creating engaging and crystal-clear job descriptions for every team role, so you will end up only with qualified candidates and avoid any confusion down the road. Also, don’t neglect to work on an employer’s brand for your company. Establish a strong social media presence, write a thorough description of your business for an official site, and try to mention company policies regarding racial and gender equality, or various social initiatives. In this political climate, a lot of skilled in-demand IT professionals take this into consideration too, among many different factors. 


    Cooperation models

    When the planning stage is over, you can start researching different cooperation models. First of all, you need to decide whether you want to build a remote or in-house development team. With the second option, you will get an unmatched amount of control but will be limited to your local talent pool, not to mention that most experienced senior developers nowadays prefer to work remotely. 

    Then, after you decide on this issue, you can start to think about how to better hire tech talent. You can assemble a team of full-time developers, remotely or not, using your own resources. You will be obligated to pay their full salaries for a long time, without many options for scalability, but for big apps, with a long development process, this approach may work best. 

    If you already have some software engineers on your payroll  but need to fill some particular positions, you can use a team augmentation service through an IT vendor. Those said vendors can provide you with a whole dedicated team if you don’t have one already or just don’t plan to involve them in this particular project. 

    Recruiting options

    This part is probably the most difficult one. It is true that the number of software developers is growing every year, but because of incredibly high demand finding a real expert in their field can be challenging. Choosing the right recruiting option is crucial for your success with this task. 

    If you decide to save some budget and try recruiting on your own, first of all, post the job description on all the popular job boards, in your country if you are looking to hire full-time in-house developers, or in the country you chose to hire remotely from. There are also different social media communities for tech professionals, you can search there for viable candidates or just post about the positions you need to fill. If your company has a lot of subscribers on its social media pages, you can post there too. 

    For some short-term tasks or small portions of code, you can hire tech talent through sites for freelancers. There you can find some quality software developers if you really try, just remember that freelancers often focus on more than one project and can be somewhat untrustworthy sometimes. But for saving some salary budget without sacrificing too much of the app’s quality, this approach is great.  

    If you already have some IT professionals on your payroll, ask them to refer people they know for team roles you need to fill. If needed, you can motivate them by offering a little bonus. This method is not the quickest one, but developers you hire this way are almost always real experts, who your employees can vouch for. 

    Finally, if you are unable to find skilled software developers on your own or just don’t want to spend your time and resources on this task, you can hire a recruitment agency. Of course, you will have to pay extra, but IT staffing agencies have extensive databases of tech talent for any project and budget. Don’t forget about outsourcing and IT vendors too. 

    Qualities to look for

    Of course, the list of technical skills your perfect candidate needs to have varies according to your application’s programming language, framework, and tools used during development. You can find a specific list of interview questions for any type of software engineer online or ask for help from someone with a tech background. 

    Speaking of soft skills, you will need to confirm that developers are always learning about new technologies and updates in existing ones, participate in professional communities, and have no trouble with communication. If you decide to hire IT professionals remotely, you need to be sure of your potential employees’ self-discipline, ability to meet deadlines, and work ethic. Previous experience of working from home is good proof that they are able to strive without an extensive amount of supervision. Of course, when hiring software engineers from other countries, it is very important to confirm English knowledge and learn about cultural differences. 


    Hiring skilled software developers can seem easier than ever, but look closer and you will see that finding a real expert in their field can be a real headache, especially without a tech background and recruiting skills. Thankfully, there are several cooperation models, hiring options, and approaches you can use in your search. With this post, you will have a basic understanding of the process of hiring high-quality IT professionals for your business needs.

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