5 Footballers Who Don’t Like Football At All


Football is a game that makes the life of the players as they earn huge money through this sport. For such players, it’s like choosing football as a career made their dream come true. These players are blessed with football abilities, but when you will go deeper, you will find they don’t like football at all; instead, they prefer other sports a lot. Isn’t sound amazing, as a player who devoted his entire life to this sport and suddenly starts speaking that he doesn’t like this game.

The spark was ignited when Barcelona goalkeeper Marc Stegen stated that he is not obsessed with football. There are many such players on the list so let’s see the five footballers who don’t like football at all.

Top 5 Footballers Who Don’t Like Football

In football history, there are many footballers who do not like football. Instead, their liking is different: some likes golf, cricket, and other sports. Furthermore, some players just stepped into this sport, intending to earn money, as this sport gives enormous money. After taking retirement from this sport, they moved to business or spent a normal life where there is no place for football. Moving ahead to the topic, it’s time to see who is on the list and what their remarks are about football.

1) Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez, an Argentina football player who played for Boca Juniors, Manchester United, and Juventus club and with his outstanding performance made the clubs win several trophies. Recently, in an interview with Clarin (Argentina Newspaper), he revealed that he is not obsessed with football; instead, he likes golf more than football. 

Carlos openly admitted his love towards golf, and to continue his passion for this game, he made a golf course at the back of his garden. Hence, it signifies that Carlos just opted for football to make a career in this sport, but his most-loving sport is golf.

2) David Bentley

The former English football player started his professional life with Arsenal club, but lack of opportunity and limited space in senior teams directed him to go with Rovers. He played limited games, and in 2014, he announced retirement at the age of 29. Being a winger and second striker, he shows his gaming skills to Hotspur club, FC Rostov, and others. 

After a few years of retirement, he shared a tweet showing a picture of a bar in Marbella. This tweet signifies that David Bentley opened a bar after leaving football. Furthermore, in an interview with Mirror, he justified his statement and said that his love of football is completely fallen down, and to be more precise, he was never founded on this sport. 

3) Benoit Assou- Ekotto

Benoit Assou- Ekotto, a player, was born in France but devoted his professional football life to Cameroon. Being a left-back, he represented a few clubs, such as Hotspur, Queen Park Rangers, and others. Furthermore, he also played two FIFA World Cups, but in the year 2010, he publicly announced that football is just a job like him and nothing more. 

In an interview with The Guardian, he admitted that he played football for money, and this game is not his passion, and he was not obsessed with this game. Additionally, he proved his point with some examples comparing the regular office job to football. At present, he left all the glamorous life that football has given.  

4) Christian Vieri

A former Italian footballer, who is also known as the best striker in Europe, is also on the list of footballers who don’t like football. Christian played many games for Serie A, and his effort and dedication enlisted him in FIFA 100 club. Also, he was one of the most expensive football players in 1999; it clearly shows how much potential this man has.

The football gave recognition to Christian as he received many awards, such as Pichichi Trophy, Serie A Italian Footballer of the year, and others. But he loves cricket more rather than football. In 2003, he gave one interview and stated that if he gets an opportunity to play cricket (same contract), then he will leave football and will join cricket.

Undoubtedly, Christian Vieri is a great footballer, but he didn’t make this sport a passion, as his obsession was cricket. But lack of opportunity and other circumstances enabled him to join football. 

5) Bobby Zamora

A former English Striker football player does not believe in watching a football match; instead, he thinks he can utilize the same time on doing other things. Furthermore, he also said that if watching a football match defines being a football fan; then I’m not.

Bobby Zamora represented England Team during the major events, and also, he played in many Leagues for the clubs. His effort changed the destiny of the Fulham club as he assisted the team in winning FA Cup and UEFA Europa League.

In an interview for Sbobet, he revealed that most of the players love to watch the football match, but I’m not a part of it. Adding further, he said that he doesn’t know what to do after retirement as he does not want to be a football pundit or a commentator. (Cymbalta)   

Bottom Line

It is always said that making your hobby a profession gives ultimate success, but it is not always true. In football, many star players made their life, but their liking is not football, and the list for the same is already provided above. 

One of the key football players, David Batty, states that football is a boring game and he is amazed to see the public spending money on watching football matches. His belief is completely different, and currently, he is living a peaceful life in North Yorkshire.

Gabriel Batistuta is the next example on the list who does not like football. He was one of the best strikers of that time and committed that he took football as a profession, not passion. Many more such players are there, such as Espen Baardsen, Sylvain Distin, and others.

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