5 Online Stores For The Best Devices & Electronics In UAE


Online shopping is one of the most difficult tasks to do in the current generation. There are so many options, yet you always have the fear of authenticity. Especially when it comes to electronics, customers are extra cautious because that’s a big investment. For those exact customers, we have curated the stores that offer the best electronic devices and accessories in the UAE. All these stores have the best items from the best brands. The prices are subtle too, which makes the whole experience fruitful. Check out the list, as it is based on customer engagement and reviews. 

Sharaf DG

The first brand on the list is Sharaf DG. It was established in 2005 and has proven itself to be the best electronics store in the region. They were the pioneers of the big box concept in UAE, which was a massive attraction for most of the loyal customers. Sharaf DG’s services are spread all over UAE, Egypt, Oman and Bahrain. You will find computers, audio items, kitchen appliances, gaming consoles, cameras, grooming devices, smartwatches and smartphones at the store. The product line stretches to over 25,000 products. All the items presented here are discounted at such good prices that the customers don’t need to compare with other websites. 

Amazon AE

Without any questions, the second brand to make it on the list is Amazon AE. The name is not new for anyone as the multinational corporation has made it big globally. Before Amazon took over the operations, it was called Souq AE, which is itself a big brand. Eventually, blending the local and global expertise formed Amazon AE. The company sells over 30 million products and specialises in the electronics department. The global retailer offers the biggest brands like Samsung, Apple, LG, Xiaomi and any brand you can name. They have been consistent with their performance and have always prioritised customer experience. All these factors made them flourish on this list.


Want to buy the most trending smartphones and top laptops? Then shop at Xcite. This is a store that is based in Kuwait but has a good grip in UAE and the total Gulf countries. They offer more than 300 global brands, which makes them the one-stop spot for buying all electronics and accessories. The brand was started in 2017 by Alghanim Industries. It made sure to offer the best products from the beginning. Currently, they offer over 10,000 exceptionally good products. In brief, the store offers smartphones, computers, home appliances, gym gear, outdoor devices, gaming sets up and several electronics. Their approach towards the electronics industry is very different as they support every brand that shows potential to offer the best products. It is a must-browse store for sure.

Jumbo Electronics

The fourth brand on the list is Jumbo Electronics. This is a brand that was started 40 years ago by Mr M R Chhabria. Retail is known for its iconic partnerships, and, since 1974, they have never failed to impress people. Jumbo has a strong presence in the UAE, and that’s why people have certified it as the most trusted electronics brand. You will find home appliances, accessories, wearables, musical instruments, gaming items, smart devices, smartphones, computers and headphones at the store. They have come a long way, and right now, the store is the hottest hub to find new technology at your desired prices. Choose from brands like Sony, Dyson, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Apple and Asus.


The last electronics brand on the list is Jacky’s. The brand started its operations in 2013, and they have a clear vision to serve the best to its customers. Jacky’s Retail LLC offers a wide range of home appliances, smartphones, televisions, tablets and every electronic accessory you can think of. They have a premium partnership with Samsung, that’s why this is the first spot where you will find Samsung smartphones, TVs, wearables and accessories. The brand has five outlets in UAE and is very well known in the region too. They keep bringing innovative ideas to please customers with the best products and experiences. Do visit the offline or online store for good electronic items.

The Takeaway Lesson

In the end, we can say that these are the stores that have shown continuous growth and always put the customers first. Shopping from these exact 5 stores will make your online shopping journey more convenient. How? Well, they have many filters like price, colour, brand and others, making it easier to sort the best products at the store. Try shopping at the to enjoy a sleek online shopping venture at affordable bill amounts.


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