Choosing The Right Influencers For Your Niche Social Media Store

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    Are you considering expanding your social media store reach? If that’s the motive, influencers can help you a great deal. But there are plenty of influencers out there, and we never really know which one to choose. It depends on several things to choose the right influencer for our niche social media store. We have to specify the audience, the influencer’s content aligning with our brand or niche and their communication to our requests.

    In this article, you will learn how to choose the right influencers for your niche social media store. Let’s get started without further delay!

    Understanding Influencers To Target As Per Their Level

    Influencers come based on various levels. This depends on their number of profile followers and how they are appreciated globally. 

    Therefore, before you collaborate with any influencer out there, it’s important to understand their degree of recognition on a specific social media platform

    The following table will explain to you what it means by the degree of influencers.

    Level Title Number of Followers
    Nano Level Influencers Having 1,000 to 10,000 followers
    Micro Level Influencers Having 10,000 to 50,000 followers
    Mid-Tier Level Influencers Having 50,000 to 250,000 followers
    Macro Level Influencers Having 250,000 to 100,000 Followers
    Mega Influencers Having 1,00,000+ influencers


    After understanding the degree level of influencers on those social media platforms, you can easily decide which one to choose. 

    But hold on, there is much to understand before you make any decision on this.

    Recommended Tips To Choose The Best Influencer For Your Niche Social Media Store:

    Having a specific brand and then finding an influencer related to that brand isn’t an easy task. 

    There are several things to consider before you rely on any good influencer to market your products or services. 

    But just in case you need to make a quick decision, here are some top tips to follow.

    1. Define Your Targeted Customers/Audience

    Before doing anything, you need to find out which segment of audience you want to target with the help of an influencer. 

    It is usually based on your offered products and services. If these offerings are for women, you need to specify the type, age, and marital status of such women, if necessary, and the area as well. 

    And if you are selling men’s or children’s products, things are pretty similar to consider. 

    Deciding on your desired audience isn’t difficult because you know it from the moment you first start your social media store.

    2. Check Influencers Related To Your Target Audience

    Before collaborating with any influencer, you need to make sure of this. 

    A specific influencer should have the audience you are looking to target. Or he should be able to promote your brand or services in that specific region where your store is operating. 

    For this, consider finding influencers from your own country or even the city from where you are operating. 

    It’s a great deal to target specific audiences from the same country wherever that influencer’s reach goes.

    3. Align Your Services With the Influencer’s Previous Work Done

    Check out an influencer’s portfolio and find out whether he or she has done any project before related to your niche. 

    This will help you decide whether that influencer is a great fit for your niche-specific social media store. 

    You can take the example of choosing a lady influencer who engages her audience with her makeup tutorials if you are going to promote beauty products.

    4. Check How an Influencer is Performing

    You can directly ask for an influencer’s social media profile data, such as the demographics of engagement and reach. 

    Ask them to share screenshots of their analytics and current reach on any social media platform. 

    For example, if you are collaborating with any influencer on YouTube, consider looking for their subscribers. 

    Also, you need to ask how much increase in their YouTube view counts has been recorded with the recent publishing of their content.

    5. Send Proposals Through Direct DM or Emails

    After finalizing followers, content and niche alignment and the engagement for a few influencers, try emailing them for a collaboration. 

    Or you can directly DM. It will help you decide how active they are in replying to your emails and messages. 

    Start sending proposals and keep a record of which influencer replied and how much time.

    6. Cost Consideration

    The next thing is how much an influencer is charging you to review your brand’s products or services. 

    To finalize this, you should have your own budget. Besides, always look for an influencer who is charging low cost. 

    But he or she definitely has a great reach and content engagement over a number of followers. 

    Yet keep in mind that influencers with more followers often charge more than those with less number of followers.

    7. Be Present On The Day Of An Influencer Promoting Your Product!

    When a collaboration is done, please be present when an influencer is going to share your brand story. 

    Or he is going to send product recommendations for your brand to his or her audience. 

    This way, you can justify whether you have put your bucks on the right person or not!

    Final Thoughts:

    While doing this collaboration, always keep in mind the red flags about an influencer. For example, he or she shouldn’t be famous because of Only fans or other exclusive content. That influencer should do exactly as you asked for the price you have paid. And you should also keep in mind other online business-related requirements while signing that deal. Being alarmed will help you do the right thing!


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