Animation Videos- An Effective Marketing Strategy to Boost Sales


Videos are now omnipresent on the Internet, and it’s obvious why they are the most widely and extensively used content marketing strategy till date. Video marketing strategies have proven effective in increasing sales. In this essence, animated explainer videos are a terrific addition to any marketing plan. These are short videos used for marketing objectives, and their key objective is to efficiently and briefly describe a company’s service or product while highlighting its benefits in order to attract public interest and generate more revenue.


Proper Presentation in An Artistic Form

Explainer videos with animatic presentations are the product of art. These are fun, engaging, and replete with relevant business information. The benefits are-


Presenting An Issue With Solutions

Customers looking for products and services that fulfill their needs are a major source of revenue. Animated explainer videos streamline the process of presenting a problem and showing its solution.


Replaces Big Sales Speed or Text-based Brochures

Consumers actually hate reading extensive company brochures, and if a sales speech drags on for too long, they’re probably going to stop listening. The same job can be done more artistically and convincingly with animated explainer videos.


Unlimited Watchtimes

Well-designed films are short and interesting, holding the customer’s interest while making products and services more approachable. Animation videos can also be replayed to ensure no details are missed.


Boost Search Engine Optimization

Animated explainer videos are appealing to web crawlers. Websites with animation content get quickly indexed on search engines. Therefore, this is an important SEO booster. This can help businesses simply raise site ranking in SEO- an effective marketing approach. The benefits are-


Generates Backlinks

A lot of people will post an animated explainer video on social media. This can result in backlinks. Backlinks are vital to achieving good SEO rankings.


Increases Domain Authority

A well-crafted interactive video helps businesses demonstrate brand authority on a certain topic, product, or service. The website will become the go-to source for information if it starts publishing fresh videos, updates, and information.


Boosts Visibility

By enabling rich snippets, structured data like video explanations and other web pages can improve a website’s SEO. These search engine graphic representations bring in more visitors than textual content descriptions.


Affordable and Easy To Create

Animated explainer videos are generally less expensive to produce than standard videos and broadcast ads for a number of reasons:

  •       They are easy to create, taking fewer man-hours from the production team.
  •       They don’t need expensive setups since all of it is done on a computer.
  •       They don’t involve actual performers or the designers, clients, stylists, refreshments, and other extras that come with studio video production.


Retains Viewer’s Attention Effectively

The usual internet user has an eight-second attention span. They will move on to another website if the website’s content doesn’t grab their interest in eight seconds. The audience is more likely to stay on the site for a longer period of time if the business marketing material can keep their interest. The longer visitors stay on the website, the more the chance of a conversion.


Quality explainer videos go no longer than two minutes. They allow marketers to fit more information into the audience’s attention span. This makes it easy to make sure that everyone gets the message and that they stay to the end to see the CTA. When it comes to interacting with and engaging the audience, a company’s or organization’s personality and culture are essential. Text alone makes it challenging to portray personality or emotion, but animations can be a fun and enjoyable way to reflect the brand culture. According to statistics, a well-made explainer film can boost conversion rates by 15% to 50%.



When animated explainer videos are used to describe services, over 80% of organizations report higher revenues. It is because practically all customers find explainer videos convenient in understanding a service or product. The most significant thing to keep in mind is that, even if these can be made with a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach, the success of the video largely depends on how well-made it is. Working with a seasoned video production company will help businesses to create animated explainer videos that achieve the above benefits.


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