Do All SEO Agencies Build Websites And Manage Social Media As Well?


Navigating the world of web development, social media, and search engine optimization can feel like tip-toeing through a minefield. One misstep could end in disaster! So, what can you do to simplify the process? For one thing, outsourcing your requirements to the experts is a great place to start. That said, do all SEO agencies build websites and manage social media as well? Or do you need to work with multiple agencies to have all your online needs met? Read on and let’s take a closer look…

Do all SEO agencies offer web design and social media management services?

The short answer is no. There are SEO agencies who specialise solely in SEO, there are those that offer SEO and PPC, and then there are others who offer a full-service deal with web development and social media to boot.

In the same breath, there are dedicated web developers, social media management agencies, and there are even agencies that specialise only in one specific social media platform.

So, how on earth do you decide who to choose?

Surely a dedicated social media management company would be better positioned to support you than a full-service agency that offers a broad range of different services?

Not necessarily. In fact, it can be a dangerous assumption to make…

Can a full service digital marketing agency offer quality across the board?

There’s a dangerous misconception that any agency that offers a wide range of services will be unable to provide specialised care in all areas.

The fact is, full-service is a natural progression in the digital marketing world. Most companies start off with one specialist area, and then slowly expand their scope of services as their client-base and resources grow.

Why send a client to another agency for their social media management needs when you can invest in your own business and build a specialised SMM department of your own?

Yes, many businesses do stick to one niche and are happy with that. However, for those who understand that digital marketing is a broad and complicated beast with all manner of strategies that ultimately complement one another when managed well, it’s far more efficient to handle everything in one centralised location.

Working with multiple agencies can get messy

It may seem like a good idea to hire a specialised SEO agency to run your SEO campaign, and then work with a dedicated social media management company to rock your socials, however, it can get messy.

Given how both SEO and social media marketing can complement one another, having both campaigns closely monitored is critical – which can be incredibly difficult when you are stuck in between multiple agencies.

Not only that, but data privacy is a big concern in the modern age of business and the more cooks you add to the proverbial pot, the more room there is for error.

Let the results speak for themselves

Let’s say for example that you are interested in an SEO agency in Brisbane, but you are concerned that their full-service approach to digital marketing might make them a Jack-of-all-trades and a master-of-none. In that case, the easiest way to overcome any doubt is to look at their reputation. How many positive reviews do they have from previous and existing clients? Can they provide you with any case studies to look at?

If they boast a wealth of social proof and can provide you with countless success stories, then you can effectively alleviate any doubt and outsource all of your digital marketing requirements to one agency – thus removing any unnecessary complication.


Not all SEO agencies can manage your social media, make edits to your website, run PPC campaigns, and master your search engine optimization game, however, the best ones can.

The world of digital marketing is complicated enough as it is, so keep things simple by investing in a full-service agency with a reputation to support their bold claims and ultimate capabilities.


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