Realme 5i Price in Pakistan

    Realme 5i Price in Pakistan

    Realme is certainly kicking the dirt pretty hard in the mid-range section. They have been launching phones after the phone with excellent features. In addition, they are keeping a pretty low profile in terms of prices. Realme is a Chinese company that is trying to prove its point in the smartphone market. But what makes Realme standout in the current flood of smartphones in this particular genre? Here we will give you a complete guide about realme 5i Price in Pakistan.

    Simple, quality and availability. Realme is expanding their business in the Indian Subcontinent. Here in Pakistan, they are quickly gaining momentum. The Indian market was filled with Xiaomi and Redmi phones. But Realme is pushing their limits to take on the ruler in the region.

    Did you know, Realme is the sister concern group of Oppo and Vivo? Yes! They are brothers. Oppo and Vivo have been in the market for a while. They have been producing some great phones as well. Now Realme is up for a chance. Previously, Realme used to use the Color OS of Oppo phones as their UI. But now, they have their UI, which is known as the Realme UI.

    Realme 5i is the latest addition to its arsenal. By the looks of the phone and the specs list, this phone does have a considerable chance to survive in the market. If they manage to pull all the perfect notes, they might end up with hepatic feedback from the consumers. So, do stick with us through the whole article. Today, things are going to get a bit interesting.

    Realme 5i Price in Pakistan

    First of all, we will have to make sure about the price. The Realme 5i Price in Pakistan is around 24,900 Rs. This is clear that the phone is a mid-range phone by the looks of the price figure. So, we will be judging the phone in that passion.

    But, taking the market as competitive as it gets, the Realme 5i Price in Pakistan may fall within a couple of months. This is a common strategy of the smartphone industry to keep hopes alive. This will trigger the market and the consumers as well. They will have the luxury to rethink the product or even end up buying it.

    Realme 5i: A Phone to Look Out for!

    Did you know, Average Pakistani spends near about 15 to 20 thousand rupees per phone? Yes, they do. This price point is considered as the heat point in the market. Though the Realme 5i Price in Pakistan is almost at the 25 thousand marks, this phone still has a chance to make it big in sales. But the pandemic has disrupted the party. People are now staying indoors, and businesses are out of money. This COVID 19 has proved that humans are still vulnerable to nature. But we pray and hope that this will be soon over, and we will be free again. Businesses will start again; social gatherings will occur also; freedom will reestablish again.

    People from all around the globe will mourn for the fallen. On that high note, we will like to proceed to the main topic, the Realme 5i. Certain aspects allow you to have a clear understanding of the phone and its capability. These categories are:

    • Design
    • Display
    • Performance
    • Battery
    • Sensors and Other Features
    • Water Resistance

    As we speak, we will be going through each of the aspects to get a clear roadmap of the Realme 5i. So, without further ado. Let us dig into the first segment, which is the design of the Realme 5i.

    Design of the Realme 5i: Smooth and Sleek!

    The Realme 5i was announced in the first week of January 2020. This product hit the store later in that month as well. So, this has already built up quite a space for itself in the market. The design aspects mainly roam around the colour variant, the dimensions, attributes and built quality. Speaking of built quality, this phone is a mid-range phone.

    That means this phone will not have anything fancy. You clearly cannot expect anything high ends like metal framing or glass body. You will have to settle in with the plastic framing and backside. But having said that, this one is pretty rigid and strong despite being plastic all day long. Realme did an excellent job in the built quality. The front side is obviously made out of glass for the screen itself. This screen comes with a teardrop notch. The notch is pretty tiny and is barely there. The side bezels are pretty small as well. But there is some meat in the bottom bezel.

    Realme 5i Price in Pakistan: The dimensions

    Now, this phone comes with standard mid-ranger dimensions. That means this has a length of 6.47 inches. The phone is a bit big. But manageable to some extend. The width of the phone is around 2.95 inches. This is pretty much standard as far as the other competitors are concerned. The thickness of the phone is approximately 0.37 inches. This will undoubtedly be an excellent phone to handle. But despite being plastic and glass built, this phone does have some meat in it AS this phone is weighted around 195 grams.

    This phone comes with the usual attributes. The backside has a quad-camera setup and a fingerprint scanner. The rear-mounted fingerprint scanner was a bit higher than expected. The lock and the volume adjustment buttons were pretty reliable and super responsive.

    At this price point, some of the companies are offering an under-display fingerprint sensor. This is a negative impact on the phone. But on the brighter side, this phone will be giving more accurate results with the rear-mounted one. This phone is available in two colour variants. The first one is Green, and the latter one is the Blue.

    Overall, this phone has a decent aspect and collaboration in the design sector. Full marks to that, now we will be moving quickly on to the next segment. Coming up next is the Display of the Realme 5i.

    Display of the Realme 5i: IPS LCD!

    IPS LCDs were one of the most used LCD panels for the screens. In recent times, it has been overtaken by the latest dog in the market, AMOLEDs. AMOLEDs are one of the most advanced and vivid looking screens of all time. But these screens are very pricy. In an Interview with MKBHD, Karl of One Plus said that a standard AMOLED display costs almost thrice of the price of LCDs. So, this is a massive amount of money on screens. This is the reason why flagships are preferring these screens more than the mid-rangers. But there are some mid-rangers who are generous enough to add this on their shoulders. This is pretty sick.

    But Realme did nothing there, to be honest. They thought of sticking with the safer option, IPS LCD. The Realme 5i comes with an IPS LCD screen, as you guys have guessed it by now. This is a 6.52-inch screen. This screen is a high definition screen. That means this screen has a resolution of 720 into 1600 pixels. This is upset, to be honest. First of all, they chose to be safe, then why did you limit yourself in that. It would help if you had smoothly gone for the full high definition screens. Nonetheless, this screen has an aspect ratio of 20:9. And the screen to body ratio is 83.2 percent. The screen has a PPI density of 269 pixels per square inch. This screen does come with a Corning Gorilla Glass protection. But the version is still unspecified.


    I am kind of disappointed with the screen. This is a good screen, but as the Realme 5i Price in Pakistan is concerned, this is an upset. I hope Realme does make up for this one in theupcoming sections.

    Coming up next is the segment for which most of us are eagerly waiting for. This is the Performance of the Realme 5i.

    Performance of the Realme 5i: The Snapdragon 665 and More!

    In the performance sector, we can divide all the components and essentials into two units. The first one is the software unit, and the latter is the hardware unit. These sectors combine with each other and make really good feedback for the phone. The better the combination is, the better the performance will be. So, making a phone and stuffing that with all the components is not mandatory. Even that is not right as well. You can easily deal with a great combination that is going to be cheap and efficient.

    Now let us see what the software section has to offer.

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    Realme 5i Price in Pakistan: Software Unit

    The software unit is a set of software that is like the driver of other components. It makes a bridge between the phone and the user. There is a set of software that is assigned for the job. The first one is the OS or Operating System. The operating system is the platform where all the associate applications work and fulfill the needs of the user. Like the majority of the phones, this phone comes with Android. The Android version is 9.0, which means it is running in PIE. It is upgradable to the latest Android version 10. Another important software is the User Interface or commonly known as the UI. This is typically the skin of the phone. The UI of this phone is the signature UI of Realme in the same name. This UI is pretty much optimized and well oriented.

    Now we will be going through the hardware unit.

    Realme 5i Price in Pakistan 2020: Hardware Unit

    The hardware unit is basically the skeleton and the brain of the phone. The brain of the phone is the SOC or System on chips. These are processing chipsets that are pretty much countable for everything. The chipset market is currently ruled by two companies altogether. One of them is Qualcomm. This phone inherits the latest budget series of Qualcomm’s chipset. This is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665. This is an 11 nm chipset with a combined clock speed of 2.0 GHz. This chipset is pretty fast compared to the other competitors. But the 700 series would have been a far better choice for this phone, particularly in this price point. The graphics processing unit, or commonly known as the GPU, is the Adreno 610. This is for the smooth transition and the extra power boost during graphics-intensive games and apps.

    On the other hand, this phone comes with two variants in RAM. The first one is the 3 GB of RAM and the second one is the 4 GB version. The 3GB version comes with 32 GB of internal storage. On the other hand, the 4GB version comes with 64 GB of internal storage. The storage can be expanded.

    Overall, this phone is decent in performance. But I expected more, to be honest.

    The camera of the Realme 5i: Quad Camera Setup!

    The rear camera is a quad camera setup. The main camera is of 12 MP. The second camera is 8 MP ultra-wide. And to finish things off, 2 MP each in the latter two cameras as the depth sensor and the macro lens.

    The selfie camera comes with an 8 MP camera.

    Overall, the camera performance is decent. But the competitors are really offering more at this particular price point. So, this is a big no for me as well.

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    Realme 5i Price in Pakistan: Battery Unit

    This phone comes with a 5000 mAh battery with 10W fast charging.

    Sensors and Other Features

    The fingerprint is rear mounted. All the other sensors are in perfect working conditions.

    Water Resistance

    None provided.

    Wrapping Things Up!

    Overall, I am kind of disappointed with this phone. The specs are not that worthy at this particular price point. The competition is high, and Realme will have to bring something good enough to pick up the pace. That was all for today.

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