Infinix hot 7 pro price,features and review

infinix hot 7 pro

Infinix is one of the most popular phone brands that came out with the emergence of smartphones. The phone stole the hearts of many from their unique designs and impressive features the phone has. The main reason infinix hot 7 pro why people love Infinix phones is the fact that the phones are of good value for your money. When you compare the Infinix phone brand to other big brands in the market, you will note infix offers some features that are similar but at a lower price.

Generally, humans want something worth of value yet cheaper in price, which makes Infinix a favorite brand to many. Since the first smartphone from Infinix came out in 2013, the company has continued producing different series of phone brands and improving features. The design of Infinix has been upgraded plus a lot of other cool features that make this mid-range smartphone epic. Infinix Hot 7 Pro is a Hot series by Infinix, and this smartphone has some cool features that you would like. The phone was released about ten months ago, but the phone is still in the talk on many people. In this article, I will highlight some of the remarkable features you get with the phone and also tell you what is the market price of it now.


To kick-off, I will start by highlighting the phone display as this is so important when buying a phone these days. The display size of Infinix Hot 7 Pro is about 6.2 inches, which is relatively big, which means you get enough space for watching movies and playing games. Having a big screen is also good as you are able to increase your productivity if you happen to work on your phone.

The phone has a screen to body ratio of 82.8%, which is relatively big, that means you have enough space when working with the phone. What I did like about the display is the IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, which is so bright, and the fact that it got over 16 million colors means you are getting excellent images when watching. The screen is bright, and everything is crystal clear, and you happen to watch movies using your phone you are going to like this display. Also, the Infinix Hot 7 Pro has a resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels, which is less compared to phones that are in the market right now, but it works great. You get a good image when watching videos, which is excellent. Lastly, the phone has a pixel density of 271 PPI making the pixels pop out, thus a clear image. All these features determine a lot on how the phone display feels when you are using it.


Apart from knowing the type and dimensions of the display, the other thing that you need to consider greatly is the phone’s body. Infinix Hot 7 Pro is one of the phones Infinix did craft an excellent design for. The phone’s design is superb, and it has a dimension of 155 x 74.8 x 8 mm. Therefore, the phone measures 6.10 x 2.94 x 0.31 inches. The good thing about the design measurements of this phone is the less hassle it takes you when gripping it. The phones feel good in the hand, and such kind of phone allows you to complete a lot efficiently.

The other thing about the phone design is the weight of Infinix Hot 7 Pro, which is about 165g. The phone is not that heavy, considering it has a big battery, therefore, it won’t be feeling cumbersome while carrying it around. Infinix Hot 7 Pro is made from plastic that is on the back, and the frame is also a plastic part of the reason why the phone is so light. It has a glass front, which is where you access your phone, and the screen is so sensitive. I love the whole phone build quality, and a plus feature in the build is the dual sim the phone offers you that is the Nano sim and dual stand by. All these are the few features that are included in the phone design, which make it outstanding.


When talking about the phone cameras, Infinix is one brand that has always been a competitor to major brands. The thing about this brand is their cameras are so good, and they tend to collect a lot of details in the shadows and the highlights, which is fantastic. The good thing about this is the ability you get when it comes to editing. Either way, Infinix is one of those phones you get the best image straight away from the camera without much edit. The Infinix Hot 7 Pro has a primary camera and a selfie camera, which is fantastic, and we will highlight some of the good gems that these two cameras entail.

To start with, the primary camera it’s dual, which means Infinix Hot 7 Pro has two cameras at the back. There is one with 13MP, AF, and the other with 2MP, the depth sensor. These two cameras work great when taking pictures, and the colors are detailed. The camera does not soften the image that much as it aims at keeping the integrity of the original image.

The rear camera also has some excellent features to it, which you can maximize and get a lot from like panorama and HDR. The selfie camera is also similar to the rear camera as it entails a dual camera which one is 13MP and the other 2MP for depth sensor. There is an LED flash on both cameras, which is of great advantage when it comes to taking pictures at night. The Infinix Hot 7 Pro cameras work great in the video, too, as they record at 1080p at 30fps. All these are the awesome gems that you get from the Infinix Hot 7 Pro cameras.


Smartphones are revolutionary tech that is changing how we ultimately work or how we access some things. One thing I love about these phones is a million things that you can do with phones from working, playing games, watching movies, holding meetings, and many more things. Therefore, if you happen to be using your phone for all these, there is a need you ensure your phone has a big battery to sustain you.

The Infinix Hot 7 Pro has quite a big battery, which is about 4000mAh Li-Po, and it’s non-removable. This battery is big enough, and it can sustain you a long time when it comes to playing games. The computing power of Infinix Hot 7 Pro is also significant, which means that the phone will be draining more juice faster if it had a small battery capacity. I spent a lot of time playing games on the phone, and the battery lasted me quite some time, which was great.

Watching movies also on this phone is excellent as you can spend a lot of time watching a couple of movies before all the juice drains. If you happen to hold meetings a lot of work from your phone, then the Infinix Hot 7 Pro battery capacity can last you longer. No one wants instances where the battery drains easily, especially when you are doing some important stuff on your phone. There are more advantages to having such a big battery on your phone as you get to do more, which is fantastic.


There is no advantage of having all the impressive hardware features on your phone if you do not have good software. Good software is crucial as it helps in facilitating the communication between the hardware and the user of the phone. A good up to date software also is of great advantage as now you will have new updates, which is so awesome. The Infinix Hot 7 Pro has the latest version of Android, and that is Android 9.0 Pie, which is excellent.

The version has incredible upgrades, and the user interface is smooth and faster compared to the previous versions.  Apart from the software, other hardware plays an integral role when it comes to how your phone functions, and that is the chipset, CPU, and GPU. The Infinix Hot 7 Pro uses Mediatek Helio P25 chipset. A good chipset is mandatory as it will ensure that your phone CPU and GPU are working right.

Infinix Hot 7 Pro uses an Octa-core CPU, which makes the phone fast when it comes to playing games and multitasking. Lastly, the GPU on this phone is Mali-T880MP2 and PowerVR GE8320, which are all-powerful. When playing games of high-end graphics, you will immediately note how smooth the experience is, which is a result of this GPU. All these are the features in Infinix Hot 7 Pro that make it run smoothly and fast.


The final thing that you should always keep in mind when going phone shopping is the Ram and Storage of the phone. RAM is important first as it helps in making sure that your phone is running fast and smooth. If you have a small Ram on your phone, there is a high chance the operating system will not work right hence a slow phone. The Hot 7 Pro has different ranges of RAM, which you will gate from different prices. The range starts from 2GB to 6GB of RAM. Internal storage is similar, and the range starts from 32GB to 64GB. Storage is vital as you can store your data securely and carry it wherever you are, which is excellent. If you need more storage on your phone, there is a dedicated memory slot that you can use to add more memory.


We have highlighted several core features of the Infinix Hot 7 Pro; however, there are several special or other features that the phone has. Some of these features include the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, a compass, and an accelerometer. The fingerprint sensor is so excellent, and it works great as it responds faster. You can use the sensor to secure a lot of your data as data is so vital these days. There is FM radio, a jack, GPS, USB on the Go, and many more features that you can take advantage of and ease a lot. 


Knowing the price is crucial to buying anything you want, and since we have highlighted some features, it’s solid the phone is worth. Infinix Hot 7 Pro retails at about $130, which is not that bad considering the many features the phone offers you. You will get a different price if you consider a bigger RAM and storage, but this is the basic price of the phone. The Infinix Hot 7 Pro is worth every penny, and if you have a tight budget, then you will need to get this phone.


To conclude, we have highlighted some of the most amazing features of Infinix Hot 7 Pro, and this can give you an insight if it’s worth it or not. Infinix is producing mid-range smartphones that are awesome in features and affordable in price, which is so great. With the above information, you can use it to make your judgment if the features the phone has are worth the money you are spending, which I think they are.


Is Infinix Hot 7 Pro a nice phone?

Yes. The Infinix Hot 7 Pro is a good phone as it entails some of the most amazing features which you cannot find in mid-range smartphones. The phone has a big battery life of about 4000mAh capacity, which is significant, meaning the phone can last a long time. Also, this phone has dual cameras both at the back and at the front, which delivers great images and yet the price of the phone is not that big.

What is the RAM of Infinix Hot 7 Pro?

The phone has a RAM of 6GB, but you can get different RAM sizes depending on the price, but 6GB is the highest RAM.

What version of Android does Infinix Hot 7 Pro use?

The phone runs on the Android 9.0 Pie version, which works fine.


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