Infinix Smart 4 Plus

    Infinix Smart 4 Plus

    Well, well, the Chinese brand is kicking the ground hard as all of them are dashing in the market with some of the best products, especially in the mid-range and lower range segment. Infinix is not an exception. In this article we will give you a complete review of Infinix Smart 4 Plus.

    Let us be frank; we are not seeing a product that will blow our mind with strong performance and cameras. But this is a decent product. The price range is around the 8,000 INR mark. So clearly, this is an entry-level smartphone. We will be looking into it in that way. So, there should be a limitation of our expectations.

    So, settle down there, lads, because the ride will not be adventurous, but rather a sweet one.

    Infinix Mobiles and the Market

    Infinix mobiles are yet another Chinese brand that wants to make an impression in the market. But the prime concern of the Chinese mobile companies is the mid-rangers or the low rangers. This is because of the statistics.

    Did you know that almost 82 percent of the new2 phone buyers in 2019 bought phones within the lower or lower mid-range? Yes, that is true. And the majority of the market has been ruling by the Chinese brands. That is why they are doing business at an alarming rate. The big dogs are targeting the flagships or high-performance phones that are the desire. But to be honest, people look for affordable options as most of them are middle class or lower-middle class.

    You cannot think of someone with an average income buying a 1000 US dollar flagship phone. They end up buying phones within a 150 to 200 dollar range. That is where Chinese brands come into the game. They offer decent specs within that range. The publicity of the product is done in a similar passion as well. This type of campaign does attract the audience. Thus the fluctuation in sales occurs.

    On the other hand, the margin of profit is very narrow. The leading theory is to sell more and more units with a collective profit, rather than selling premium quality phones with limited sales but good gain over a single unit.

    Whatever the case is, Chinese brands have entirely dominated this market. Now, we will be moving to the phone once again.

    Infinix Smart 4 Plus Review: The Budget Entry Phone of the Year?

    Infinix has been aiming at the mid-range and the entry-level market from the very beginning. But that does not mean Infinix does not have the will power or the merit to produce good quality phones. This is not true. Infinix has satisfied its customers with some right quality products.

    The phone which we have with us today is the Infinix Smart 4 Plus. This phone has been the talk of the entry-level market recently. I have been following the entry-level market recently. And this product caught my mind. Now, I will be going deep into the phone to do a fair review.

    As you guys know, I tend to follow specific criteria to inspect the phones. These criteria allow me to have a better understanding of the phone itself. The categories are as follows:

    • Design
    • Display
    • Performance
    • Camera
    • Battery
    • Sensors and Other Features
    • Water Resistance

    Now, without wasting further time and words. Let us dig properly into the discussion. First up, we will be going through the design of the Infinix Smart 4 Plus. So, stick with us along with the segments, because we will have some shocking surprises lately. So, do dare to miss out.

    Design of the Infinix Smart 4 Plus: Decent and Sleek!

    Certain aspects help you to have a better understanding of the design. First is the built quality. What is seems that the phone is plastic created. That means the frame and the body is made out of plastic. On the other hand, the front side is the screen. The front screen has a teardrop notch. Now seeing the phone, I must admit that the bezels are there, but the symmetrical overview is eye-pleasing indeed. This phone comes in three color variants. The first one is Midnight Black. The second one is my6 favorite Ocean Wave. And the last one is Violet.

    The colors are very bright and eye-catchy at the same time. So, you cannot argue with the looks of the phone. The backside is equipped with a dual-camera setup and the fingerprint scanner itself. The main aspects and attributes are everyday. So, nothing fancy has been attempted.

    The dimensions of the phone are pretty standard. The length is 172 mm. This is a decent one. The width is 78 mm. That is about the perfect size. So, people with buttery fingers like me will not have any problem holding it. The breadth is the ideal 8.90 mm. The phone comes with a bit of meat in its hind. This phone weighs around 207 grams. This is a massive phone despite having a plastic body and framing. But the weight drifted a bit for something else. I will be declaring this later.

    Impressions of the Design

    But you cannot expect something fancy when you are spending this little. So, you will have to consider this fact. Overall the design of the Infinix Smart 4 Plus is not bad at all. This is a decent design. The plus point5 of the phone is the screen. This screen comes with a teardrop notch. To spice things off, this phone has a dual-camera setup on the rear side. This is an attraction of the product indeed.

    Now, we will be focusing on another prospect of the Infinix Smart 4 Plus. And that is the display of the phone. I know you guys are not expecting something special. But wait for it, guys. I have saved the specialty for the very end.

    Display of the Infinix Smart 4 Plus: IPS HD!

    Yes, you read it right. This display panel is indeed an IPS LCD panel. This will raise some hope in the minds of yours. This is a high definition display. That means the resolution will be 720 into 1640 pixels. On the other hand, the aspect ratio of the screen is 20:5:9. The screen size is of 6.82 inches.

    Overall, the bezels are not that shrunk. But also not that thick. I kind of like the bezels and the chins, to be honest. This will help us to have a proper grip on the phone. The screen is not the brightest of them all. But will; produce a decent user experience. So the consumer will not be disappointed.

    I liked the performance of the screen very much. I think, at this particular price point, you cannot ask for more. So, the screen is indeed a value for money. I would like to see more of the phone now. The display has set up the mood, and I am curious about the phone right now,

    Now we will be moving to perhaps the main segment of them all. Yes, I am talking about the performance of the Infinix Smart 4 Plus.

    Performance of the Infinix Smart 4 Plus: Helio and Android 10!

    The performance of a particular smartphone is measured by the collaboration of the two most important units. And that is the software unit and the hardware unit. The software unit is the driver of the smartphone. And the hardware unit is considered as the engine under the hood. So, if you have a good machine, but the driver is not up to the mark, then the result will be zero. This will also occur even if you have a right software unit but not enough juice to run it efficiently.

    Moving on further, we will be first maintaining a good analysis of both the units one by one. Then we will try to extract the collaboration of them. First up, we will be covering the software unit.

    Software Unit

    This phone runs in android as every other primary phone does. But that is not the main attraction. The main attraction is the version that is running the proceedings. This phone comes with the latest Android version 10. This is good news for the fans that they will be able to enjoy the latest software in this entry-level budget. On the other hand, the OS is very much optimized, and the latest features do make a huge difference. (provigil)

    Now, there is another component in the software unit, which plays a significant part in the company. And that is the UI or User Interface. The User Interface is basically the interpreter for the users. This UI communicates with the user and creates a bridge between the phone and the user. The UI which is used in this phone is the XOS 6.2. This is a decent UI, and the phone is working just fine.

    Now we will be going through the hardware unit of the phone.

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    Hardware Unit

    The hardware unit consists of several essential factors. This ensures all the necessary correspondence to run efficiently. The central brain of the hardware unit is the SOC chipset. The market is positively filled with two companies. The first one is the Snapdragon by Qualcomm. These chipsets do the traditional ARM cores but tend to modify for maximum output. Thus these chipsets are a bit expensive. On the other hand, the MediaTek Helio chipsets are another competitor. Helio chipsets follow the traditional architecture of the chipsets.

    However, the Helio A25 chipset has been used in the Infinix Smart 4 Plus. This chipset is 12 nm. This has an Octa-Core architecture. On the other hand, this generates almost 1.8 GHz of clock speed for the first quad-core setups. The latter is clocked at 1.5 GHz. All the cores are traditional Cortex A53. The RAM of this phone is 3 GB, and the internal storage is 32 GB. This is a right combination for the entry-level specs.

    Overall, this phone has been a good one in the performance unit. But we will have to keep this in mind that we will have to maintain the consideration. After all, this phone is an entry-level smartphone.

    Now we will be looking into the camera unit of the Infinix Smart 4 Plus.

    Cameras of the Infinix Smart 4 Plus: Dual Cameras and More!

    The camera unit has become a must-have option in the smartphone world. But having a good camera is like luck nowadays. But you cannot expect these cameras to take iconic shots like the flagships or some mid-rangers. This is an entry-level camera unit.

    The real camera comes in dual camera setup. The 13 Mega Pixels f/1.8 camera comes with a VGA Depth Sensor. The front-facing camera is an 8 Mega Pixels with an aperture count of f/2.0.

    Now, we will be focusing on the battery of the Infinix Smart 4 Plus.

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    A battery of the Infinix Smart 4 Plus: The BIG Surprise!

    This is a big surprise for you guys, as this is a sheer delight for the consumers. The all-new Infinix Smart 4 Plus comes with a whopping battery of 6000 mAh. And this will be efficient to give you a decent amount of juice for over two days.

    Sensors and Other features

    All the sensors are available and are in perfect working condition.

    Water Resistance



    1. What is the price?

    7,999 INR.

    1. IS the full display HD?

    Nope, it is only HD.

    1. Does it support fast charging?

    No, it does not have any fast charging facility.

    Wrapping Things Up!

    SO, that was all for today. I kind of like this phone a lot. AS far as the pricing is concerned, this phone is a must-have if you are looking for something from the entry-level. Till then, Goodbye!

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