Oppo Reno Ace 2 Review

    Oppo Reno Ace 2 Review

    Oppo Reno series has been doing amazing stuff in the market with its flagship quality specs at a very competitive price. Previously we have reviewed one of the Oppo Reno edition, the Oppo Reno X2 Pro. Today, we have perhaps the little brother of the X2 Pro, the all-new Oppo Reno Ace 2. In this article, we will show you the oppo reno ace two reviews.

    The Oppo Reno Ace 2 has been out in the market for a while now, and you guys were flooding our DMs and emails for reviewing the so-called “Flagship Smasher.” So, as per your requests, we are going to discuss the Oppo Reno Ace 2 today. As Oppo is kind enough to hand us a review unit, we will also be featuring the unboxing experience here. So, you guys will have the full stop solution here on our website. So, do stick with us the whole time. I bet you will love it.

    Unboxing the Oppo Reno Ace 2

    So, this phone comes in a sleek box. I must say, Oppo Reno Ace 2 is making a style statement with the Reno Series. And the table is a shining example. When we open the lid of the box, we will be able to see the device. The device is wrapped with a plastic foil. We will unwrap the foil later; let us know the rest of the components. The components which we have are some documentations which we will not read later ever. Then there is a silicon case suitable for the first time use, abraded cable, a VOOC charger 2.0 Power Brick, and surprisingly good quality USB Type C Earphones. Earphones are a rare component nowadays, and it is good that Oppo has provided one in the box.

    So, now let us move on to the device.

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    So, moving on to the device. We have the fine and sleek Oppo Reno Ace 2. The phone is looking very promising. Especially in the price tag of 779 USD. Now, the real question is, is the phone worth all the hype? Will it withstand the rising competition or fall apart miserably? We will find that for you.

    Before throwing out an impression, I would like to inspect the phone into specific categories, which will make my opinion and statement more logical and viable. The categories are:

    • Design
    • Display
    • Performance
    • Camera
    • Battery
    • Sensors and Other Features
    • Water Resistance

    So, without wasting any time, let us move to the first segment which is the design of the Oppo Reno Ace 2.

    Design of Oppo Reno Ace 2: Simple Astonishing!

    Oppo can do at least one thing, which is to create lucrative phones at a limited price point. Oppo has been a forerunner in the smartphone industry, and the Reno Series is their flagship-like lineup. What I mean to say flagship-like, is that the phone has all the specs that can easily complete with the said flagship in the market. But the unique selling point will be a highly competitive price point. Moving on further with the design of the Oppo Reno Ace 2, I must say that this phone has some x Factor in the design unit.

    The circular Oreo cookie-shaped camera module in the rear portion does remind me of the One Plus 7 series. But what is new here that the phone comes with a much more premium quality build. Before moving on to the build quality, I would like to discuss the colour variants of this phone. This phone is available in three colour variants. The first colour is Aurora Silver. It is a great colour option.


    Next up, we have a similar colour to our review unit, and that is the Moon Rock Grey. This is a fun colour combination which gives an illusion between bluish, blackish, and greyish colour combination. Last but not least, we have the Fantasy Purple. People who have a great sense of colours will certainly choose this variant over others. I personally like the second variant, which is the Moon Rock Grey.
    Now resuming the discussion on the build quality, the phone comes with a glass and aluminium grade finish. That means the phone has an aluminium frame and the front and the back is basically glass. The main attraction of the glass back is indeed the camera bump. Nut the colour combination does attract some eyeballs as it reacts differently in different light approach.

    Moving on to the dimensions now

    Oppo is known to make some great quality phone is a pretty standard size and dimensions. This time the Oppo Reno Ace 2 has certainly not been an exception. The side and the attributes of this phone are pretty identical to its brother, The Oppo Reno X2 Pro. So, the phone has a length of 6.30 inches. That is a perfect length for me. The width is almost 3 inches, which is 2.97 inches to be exact. This might be a hiccup for the people who are more of a single-handed phone user.

    Even if you have a large palm, you will still have a hard time holding the phone in your hand and use it at the same time. To finish things off, it has a thickness of 0.34 inches. Normally phones today have an average thickness of 0.31 inches. But thanks to the slight camera bump, this phone is measured a bit thicker than usual. But the rounded edges compromise the thickness and give a better grip on the phone.

    Speaking of the camera bump, this phone is a bit wobbly when you rest it on a flatter surface facing the camera unit downwards. The silicon case which is provided with the phone does give a bit of stability, but it will thicken the phone by a considerable margin. I would recommend using some sort of cases or protection with the phone because, at the end of the day, you want your phone to be safe and unscratched. But the phone comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection on both sides.


    As far as the attributes are concerned, oppo reno ace 2 Review, this phone has identical specs just lie its elder brother. So, the lock button is on the right side of the phone. The left side in-houses the volume adjustment button. The top has a noise-cancelling microphone. On the bottom side, we have the USB type C port, the speaker grill, and the SIM Card Tray. There is no dedicated Micro SD Card Slot. Even the 3.5 mm headphone jack is missing, which can be an issue if people are interested in both charging and using the headphones at the same time.

    So, this was the design so far. I think this phone is a good looking phone and I have enjoyed it very much. It gave a good solid feel in the hands and thanks to Oppo for making a phone which weighs around 186 grams look and feel so good.

    Now, let us move on to the next segment which is the display of the Oppo Reno Ace 2.


    Oppo Reno Ace 2 Review Display: The AMOLED 90 Hz Treat!

    This phone comes with a 6.55 inches AMOLED display. This is a full high definition panel. So, the resolution is of 18080 into 2400 pixels. The screen is protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5. So, it will be scratch proof. This phone has an aspect ratio of 20:9.

    The side bezels are pretty minimal, and the screen comes with a tiny and trendy punch-hole display. So, the screen to body ratio us almost 85.9 per cent. Looking at the screen, I can clearly tell that this is an excellent screen with a massive amount of brightness. This phone comes with an HDR10+ supportive display. So, the viewing experience is also superb.

    Overall the screen is tempting at it will certainly attract a large audience. So, I can be pretty positive about it as well.

    Now, we will be discussing the performance of the Oppo Reno Ace 2.

    Performance of the Oppo Reno Ace 2: Flagship Snapdragon and More!

    When we talk about the performance of a certain phone, we mean the relationship between the software unit and the hardware unit. So, in order to have a clear understanding of the performance of the Oppo Reno Ace 2, we will have to look into the software and the hardware unit altogether.

    The Hardware

    This phone comes with the top of the line chipset by Qualcomm. So, basically what Qualcomm does is that they build good quality chipsets for the smartphone brands. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset is the top of the line chipset of Qualcomm. The Oppo Reno Ace 2 has been equipped with the same chipset. This 7+ nm Octa-Core chipset is clocked at a speed of 2.84 GHz. So, it is one of the fastest chipsets in the market and does compliment the phone really well. The GPU is Adreno 650.

    The RAM of the phone is available in two options. The baseline is 8 GB, and the top line is 12 GB. The internal storage is of two options as well. One is 128 GB, and the latter is 256 GB.

    Now let us look into the software of the Oppo Reno Ace 2.

    The Software

    The Oppo Reno Ace 2 comes with the latest version of Android, which is Android Version 10. And the OS is the Color OS 7.1. Color OS has been a successful UI for the Oppo phones, and with the power of the latest Android, it will be lit. So, the Oppo Reno Ace 2 will be an awesome phone as far as the user interface is concerned.
    The performance is top of the line.


    The camera of the Oppo Reno Ace 2: Quad Camera and More!

    The rear camera comes with a quad-camera setup. So, the main camera is a wide-angle, the aperture of f/1.7 48 Mega Pixels. Then comes the 8 MegaPixel Ultra Wide with an f/2.2 aperture. The B/W camera and the depth sensor both are of 2 Mega Pixels.

    This phone takes some awesome pictures. The 4K resolution video recording @60fps is the highest of the rear camera. The front camera can shoot 1080p@30fps.

    Now let us talk about the Battery of the Oppo Reno Ace 2.

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    The Battery of the Oppo Reno Ace 2: VOOC 2.0 Power!

    The Battery comes with a solid 4000 mAh. To power this bad boy up, Oppo has equipped this phone with a VOOC charger 2.0 which 65 Watt charging capability. This is capable of charging the phone up to 100 per cent only in 30 Minutes. So, people who were complaining about the fact that the phone does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. To be the icing on the top, this phone has wireless charging as well.

    Sensors and Other Features

    This phone comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor, and it is an optical sensor. The other sensors are the accelerometer, gyro, proximity, and compass.

    Water Resistance

    This phone does not come with any sort of water resistance. The main concept of leaving the water resistance is to reduce the cost as the water resistance comes at a considerable cost. So, to reduce the cost, Oppo had to leave the water-resistance facility.

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    1. Does the Oppo Reno Ace 2 support a fast charge?

    Yes, this phone comes with a 40W wireless charging.

    1. Is it waterproof?

    No, it has no water resistance feature whatsoever.


    Wrapping Things Up!

    This phone comes with a lot of added features, and the specs are flagship-like. So, adding everything up, we will have to settle the fact that this phone is arguably a great phone. So, I can recommend all you guys to buy this phone. That was all for today, do let me know what you think about the phone.

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