Video Games And Crypto Currencies Mashed Together


    The world is still hyping over cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and such. Now, it appears there’s a new trend of video games where players own tradable NFTs. It does rather seem like a match made in heaven because the live-service games have been around for a while now, and they do feature a ton of exclusive content. Someone decided that it’s time to put a price on that exclusive content and let players trade it. Brilliant and simple.

    Today, we’re going to talk about one specific Pay To Earn (P2E) game and how someone who doesn’t know the next thing about NFTs makes money by playing that game. Today, we’re going to talk about Axie Infinity Scholarship.A quick rundown – Axie Infinity combines the Tamagochi-style monsters management and a turn-based combat system with decks of cards. The game itself doesn’t cost anything, traditionally, but you will need to buy your first team of monsters using real money converted into cryptocurrency. Think of it as an investment because as soon as you have several monsters, you can start breeding them and make new ones that almost definitely can be sold for the same crypto. The price of 1 SLP Axie Infinity own currency used for breeding is stable enough, and that makes the whole game’s economy work like a clock.

    Who Will Tell You How To Make The Money?

    Speaking in Gen-Z terms, making the bread in this game requires a particular set of knowledge. And not just the knowledge of games mechanics, but of NFTs in general. This is why, if you’re interested, you should send the Axie Infinity Scholarship Application to one of the gaming services providers. They will teach you how to play the game and everything you need to know about it to make that bread. Unlike videos on Youtube and posts on Reddit – the two sources that can rarely be trusted when it comes to investments, these service providers are dedicated to teaching you the ways of crypto. This is where professional players will tell you all about the 9 types of Axie Infinity monsters:

    • Aquatic
    • Beast
    • Bird
    • Bug
    • Dawn
    • Dusk
    • Mech
    • Plant
    • Reptile

    And tell you which 3 classes in Axie Infinity counter which other 3 classes. Each trio of classes counters each other, just like Rock, Paper, Scissors. 

    Smart players are able to make up to 800-900 SLP daily on very rare occasions. But for starting players of Axie Infinity 150 SLP per day is very much achievable. The only downside is that in order not to be a mediocre player in this game, you have to be spending at least 6 hours a day playing it. That’s not something everyone can afford to spend on a video game, even for a chance to make some money out of it.

    Hiring More Hands

    That’s where the scholars come in. It is officially allowed to lend your account to other people on contract to play the game for you for a small fee. This is how most people get to know the game a little better before they create their own account in it. It also helps maintain the Axie Infinity ecosystem. Players who can’t afford to buy their own little monsters can play for instead of those who have enough Axies. Then, whatever SLP is earned gets shared between the scholar and the managing player. Everybody profits. 

    Therefore whether you have the money and don’t have the time or don’t have the money and have plenty of time, the scholarship programs are a solution to these problems. In Axie Infinity getting started can be rough sometimes, too, so there’s no shame in asking for someone else’s help. Slowly but surely, you will learn how to use your cards properly predict what cards the enemy is going to use. You can learn more about all of that by playing the Adventure mode, which is essentially your typical PvE type game mode. Then you can use your knowledge when fighting other players in the arena. Those Axie Infinity arena rewards are what most players are playing for! Whenever you win a battle, you earn something called the Smooth Love Potion, or SLP for short. And however sus this sounds, it’s one of the main currencies in the game. As we did mention above.

    Know Your Metaverse

    With the Axie Card explorer by your side and the knowledge from the official wiki page, it won’t be long before you can start winning PvE battles. When that comes, you will be able to make that daily limit of 75 SLPs. The next step would be to win battles in PvP on the same day to exceed the limit and possibly double your income. Of course, there’s also the Axie Infinity Coin vs SLP confusion. The thing is, this game has its own cryptocurrency. The confusion is that that currency is actually SLP, but it’s not. AXS is the game’s own currency, and its price ranges between 60-70$. Thanks to it, the Axie Infinity blockchain is up and running, and investors are making money either by directly betting their money on the game or by playing it. Which often happens, by the way.

    One of the coolest things about the game is that it’s actually available on mobile platforms as well. Meaning there’s an Axie Infinity iOS client and one for Android. So, you can even play on the move! When it comes to the community’s population and activity, the biggest number of players is registered in the Philippines. However, to no surprise, the biggest transactions belong to players of Axie Infinity in the US. Finally, the game keeps growing, and more game modes are being added even today! This means that there are also new ways of making money. All of this becomes known as the Axie Infinity Metaverse, and only the developers themselves know where they’re going to take it next!

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