Vivo s1 price in india

    vivo s1 price in india

    Vivo is a fantastic company that manufactures both smartphones and other phone accessories. The company is new, but its products are top-notch as they tend to compete with big brands in the market.

    Vivo is a Chinese company and its headquarters being in Dongguan China company. The thing that makes Vivo stand out is the unique design that their smartphones got plus the new technology you only get on their smartphones. 

    Vivo released the Vivo S1 smartphone on July 2019, but the phone is still making waves till today. Most people we hesitant at first picking this gadget as they thought this is just another Chinese brand, but the phone disapproves all that. What I love about the phone is the time spent on designing it, and if you check some of the specs, the phone has you can get a blow.

    I think this is one of the phones you can compare to big brands but the price is pocket friendly. The Vivo S1 price is not that stretching considering the kind of features that you get on the phone, which can serve you well. I did order the phone to try it out to do an authentic review rather than just getting a bunch of info on the internet and compiling it for you. Without future a due I think I will start the Vivo S1 price in India and review it in this article.


    To start this article, I would like to highlight the issue that most people want to know before making any purchase. Knowing a product price is essential as it puts you in a position of determining whether you want to buy the product or not. The price is so vital, and it plays a significant role when it comes to smartphones because so many brands are all pro0ducing the same thing for a lower price.

    When Vivo announced the release of their smartphone the Vivo S1, they did announce the price which I think was pretty fair. The Vivo S1 price in India is about Rs. 15,990, and you can even now find it at a lower price since more releases have come. What I like about the Vivo S1 price in India is the fact that the phone is so affordable to anyone who wants the right product and this phone has crazy features which you will love. I will highlight all the features of the phone in this review, and we can see if the Vivo S1 price in India is justifiable.


    Vivo S1 is among the phones that are beasts when it comes to performance. There are several features that this phone entails, which elevate the performance and makes it one of the best phones you can get. When you buy a phone, its performance is something that you always want to inquire about so that you can see if it can solve some of the things. There are several things that you should always look out when talking about performance.

    Firstly the operating system, which I think is one of the integral things when it comes to performance. Vivo S1 uses Android 9.0 Funtouch 9, and it’s the primary operating system. This is an excellent operating system with so many features. An operating system is essential on your phone because it helps link the user and the phone hardware.

    The other performance thing that you should keep in mind is the chipset. A phone’s chipset is very important because it ensures that all the components held on it are working great. The chipset is responsible for holding the CPU and the GPU. A less performing chipset will result in a low performance of your phone, which is not good at all.


    Vivo S1 uses a Mediatek Helio P65, which is a decent chipset, and git works excellent on the phone. The central processing unit of a phone is essential for several reasons, and the main one is because it’s the core unit of the phone. Vivo S1 uses an Octa-core CPU, which is an excellent CPU, as it allows you to multitask and do another bunch of stuff. Lastly, the other integral thing in a phone is the GPU.

    The phone uses Mali-G52 MC2, a very powerful GPU, and it works excellently to ensure that graphics are displayed correctly. This GPU is excellent as it ensures you have a good time when it comes to watching movies and playing games. This features in the processor are worth the Vivo S1 price in India.




    6.28 x 2.96 x 0.32 inches


    Glass front, Plastic back, plastic frame






    Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen

    6.38 inches

    1080 x 2340 pixels

    404 PPI

    Corning Gorilla Glass 6





    Android 9.0

    Mediatek MT6768 Helio P65 (12nm


    Mali-G52 MC2









    16MP, f1.88MP f2.2

    2MP f2.4

    LED flash, HDR, Panorama


    32MP, f2.0



    SENSORS Fingerprint, Accelerometer, Gyro, Proximity, Compass
    BATTERY Non-removable 4500mAh battery












    The first review that you should always keep an eye on is the phone’s design, which is very important. We did highlight earlier on that the look and feel on the phone is very important as it brings some elegance to the phone, which is excellent. To start with the Vivo S1 design, we will look at the body dimensions. The phone measures 6.28 x 2.96 x 0.32 inches, which is a pretty decent dimension.

    The phone is big enough to have a good grip on it, which is fantastic. Vivo S1 weighs 179g, which is not that heavy to carry around, and this at times creates a sense of security because you will feel the weight in your pocket. The Vivo S1 is built from glass and plastic.

    The phone features a glass front which works great and a plastic at the back. The phone also is built with a plastic frame, which makes the phone lightweight. Vivo did take their time here to ensure that they have the best design in the market, which is excellent, and they did achieve that. This is one of the mid-range smartphones that you will find, which has an impressive design.


    The other thing that makes Vivo S1 price in India so unique is the display that this phone has. This is the first thing that can astonish you when you think of the Vivo S1 price in India. I bet this is the cheapest phone in the market that you can ever find with the kind of display it entails.

    The display of Vivo S1 is about 6.38 inches and it uses Super AMOLED. The display to my view is so clean, and it gives you an excellent viewing experience, especially when it comes to playing games and watching movies. I tried watching some Netflix films, and the immersion I got was incredible. The resolution is at 1080 x 2340 pixels with a pixel density  of 404 PPI.

    The colors are vibrant when exposed either in outdoors or indoors. The other thing about the display is that you can get a full screen experience by switching it at the settings. Also, the display is protected by the Gorilla Glass 3, which means if your phone slips a bit, it will be protected. This is what makes the Vivo S1 price in India so favorable.


    When considering buying a smartphone this day, you must keep in mind how big your battery is. A phone’s battery capacity is integral as our smartphones today have so many applications, and the computing power is high meaning, they are drawing more juice. The Vivo S1 has a battery capacity of 4500mAh which is so big, and it can take you for a long time while using it.

    This is one impressive feature of the phone I did like, and when looking at the Vivo S1 price in India, you can get astonished how they offer you that. I found this feature so impressive when it came to gaming as I did spend a long-time playing games on my phone, and the battery was still intact.

    Also, a big battery is of great advantage as you get to spend more time doing your job if your smartphone is the office before the juice is over. Therefore, when thinking about the possibilities, you can get with a big battery, think about what Vivo S1 offers you.


    Wow, lets now talk about cameras the part that most people are eagerly waiting to wonder if the Vivo S1 can match it wits with other brands. To start the phone has three cameras on the back, which is fantastic. The primary camera is a 16MP camera, followed by an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera and a 2MP depth sensor. You know what is mind-blowing is with the Vivo S1 price in India you are still getting an 8MP wide-angle lens which I applause Vivo for that.

    The photos from the cameras look good, but they are not rich in details, but they do pack enough not to look bad. The colour rendition of the photos is fine, and they have not saturated therefore, a good balance of colors. The wide-angle lens works just fine, and there are no colour shifts; however, the primary lens has more colour details.

    The depth sensor works fine, although it does not offer edge detection in portrait shots. The thing I did like is that it does not smoothen your face while in portrait shots like other phones and subjects look natural. The selfie camera is 32MP which is fantastic; however, it has a reddish tint which tends to give your phone a warmer look.

    The other thing that sets the Vivo S1 apart is the video quality that the cameras produce. The cameras give you the option of recording in 1080p. When the recording is in 1080p, you get an auto frame rate of 30fps.


    There are different sensors in the Vivo S1, and each of these sensors all works differently. The first sensor you will note is the fingerprint sensor, which is great, and it works perfectly because it allows you to protect your data. You can lock your phone with this fingerprint sensor, and no one will be able to open it because fingerprints are completely different.

    Other sensors include accelerometer, compass, proximity, and gyro. Some of the other notable features that you will get include WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Radio, and USB. All these features are great, and they help in making sure that your phone works great.


    However, We all know how critical RAM and storage of a phone are. RAM is responsible for ensuring that your phone runs smoothly as it’s responsible for holding the operating system. If your phone has less RAM, there is a high chance that you can run into issues where your phone constantly hangs or some programs crashing.

    The other thing is the phone’s storage, which is essential as you have a place to store your data and other files. Vivo S1, has a different range of memory starting from 4GB, and 6GB. Also, The storage starts from 128GB, and there is even a dedicated slot for extra storage, which is great.


    To conclude, we have discussed the Vivo S1 price and review, and there are so many things that make the phone amazing. When it comes to smartphones, I think the Vivo company is trying to shape the industry through their designs and employing new technology. I did like the features of the phone which are innovative. There are other impressive features that the Vivo S1 offers you at a reasonable price which is so unbelievable, and I did enjoy using this phone.


    What is Vivo S1 price in India?

    Vivo S1 goes for Rs. 15,990 which is a good price considering the awesome features the phone offers the user.

    Does Vivo Z1 support fast charging?

    Yes. The phone supports fast charging, and the 4500mAh can charge for about 138 minutes, and it will be full.  


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