What Is Robotic Process Automation Software


    Why is it important for businesses to optimize their business processes today more than ever? Running a business has never been easy. Companies are now being asked to operate with even greater efficiency and, at the same time, withstand such negative circumstances as global lockdown, the rising cost of living, general uncertainty, and instability.

    Successful business management largely depends on the ability to keep track of all the details — business processes, policies, milestones, and projects. To create conditions for maximum efficiency, a company should try to minimize vain efforts and optimize its activities as best as possible. Today, many solutions have already been developed and are available: cloud computing, efficient software, etc. But the automation solutions available today do not cover all processes that can be properly organized and made more economical.

    RPA software can take on a wide range of sales operations resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

    The problem of routine work

    Repetitive manual processes, without which the activity of companies is impossible, are the most labor-intensive element of business. Elementary example: processing of primary documentation. How much time does it take to register a document, check its nomenclature with the buyer’s request, check the availability of goods in the warehouse, and control payment? Such work does not require special knowledge, but it takes too much time and effort.

    No less routine but important work is the signing of documents. Every day, you have to process and sign contracts for sale, lease, supply, and hire. If the company has a significant turnover,  robotization will help free up time to perform important actions.

    It is to such processes that it is beneficial to apply automation using software robots. Bots, like people, understand what is happening on the screen; they can press keys and navigate through the system to find and extract the necessary data. The undoubted advantage of machines is fast, reliable, and high-quality work. By launching a bot, you can be sure that it will withstand work 24/7 without coffee breaks and weekends.

    Just automating the daily routine will reduce the workload, improve the speed and quality of document processing, and, as a result, increase overall efficiency.

    AirSlate Automation Platform

    AirSlate’s cloud-based document management technology is based on the use of templates to create and process documents according to predefined rules. Such automation can significantly speed up the execution of repetitive tasks while eliminating the participation of employees.

    It is easy to create complex solutions in the system: the visual editor allows you to drag and drop elements and then configure them. For greater efficiency, the system is equipped with ready-made templates that can be customized to individual requirements.

    The airSlate platform includes such components as:

    • Workflow automation: creation, signing, and control of documents.
    • Workflow management: analytics, work with payments.
    • Robotic process automation: online surveys, work with forms.

    Among the company’s products, PDFfiller and SignNow are very popular.


    Using signNow allows companies to streamline document workflows, speed up signing cycles, and enable teams and departments to get work done faster. It also ensures the security and protection of sensitive data, complying with industry-leading requirements. signNow eSignature is GDPR and HIPAA Compliant, PCI DSS Certified, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant, and in accordance with System and Organization Control Requirements (Type Ⅱ).


    It is a cloud-based solution focused on online PDF editing. It has desktop apps for macOS and Windows. After installing the application, you can securely edit, sign, and store documents in the cloud.

    Bots, or software robots, can use the information to perform actions with minimal delay. The technology makes it possible to use intelligent robots in any operation that requires efficiency, consistency, and speed without errors due to the fact that RPA mimics human labor.

    Advantages of using robotic operation

     There are several benefits to using robotics. Here are a few examples:

    • Cost cutting. Businesses can save up to 59% on costs by allowing automating the execution of simple routine tasks.
    • Productivity improvement. By freeing your staff from routine, you can achieve your business goals faster and with better results.
    • Minimizing the number of mistakes. We all occasionally make mistakes because it is part of being human, but sometimes, these mistakes can have a bad impact on your business. The good news is that if you give computers the job, this won’t happen.
    • Management transparency. Managers frequently become engrossed in day-to-day operations, losing sight of the big picture. It is easier to understand marketing and come up with new ideas for progress when all business tasks are clearly defined and optimized.
    • Limiting compliance problems. You may cover all steps and make sure you adhere to all global and local standards by developing a computerized workflow.

    The use of a virtual workforce helps free up your employees for more important tasks.

    AirSlate Cloud Solutions are powerful tools for automating a wide range of day-to-day tasks that work well in both supported and unsupervised automation workflows.


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