Why Technology Companies Should Use Shipping Containers for Storage in Melbourne

Shipping Containers

Do you sell electronics like TVs, game consoles, PC monitors, and other appliances? Then, you are most definitely in need of a secure, temperature regulated storage space for your stock.

The best solution would be to rent shipping containers. Why shipping containers?

In this article, we will explain to you how beneficial it is to use a shipping container to store your stock safely. 

How Can I Use Shipping Containers as a Storage Option?

Shipping containers should be used in a dock only, right?

Not right. Shipping containers are more versatile than that and they can store anything. This is due to their high-quality steel material that can protect whatever inside from dust, water, vermin, and weather.

Therefore, if you need a storage space for your electronics – especially ones that need to be stored in a temperature regulated space – you can use shipping containers.

Plus, they are portable. Therefore, you can ask them to be delivered to you and put in your backyard. 

The Benefits of Shipping Containers for Storing Electronics

As we have touched on above, shipping containers help you store your electronics and ensure their top condition. Not only that, there are other benefits you can get, which are;

  • Highly portable. The container will be delivered to you, rather than you going to pick it up.
  • Up to 50% cheaper than a self-storage facility. The standard price starts at around $22.95 per week.
  • Protection against mould, dust, water, and weather. The container is durable and impenetrable. Hence, you don’t have to worry about damage.
  • Provides bigger space for you to store. Depending on your business size, you can choose how big you want your container to be. There are 4 standard sizes offered in the market, which are 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 20ft 
  • Have built-in protection inside, like tie-down rails and shock absorbent to ensure there is no damage to your things.
  • 24/7 access because the container is stored in your property. Unlike self-storage facilities, where you can only access a certain period of time, you can open and close your storage container anytime.
  • Added extra protection like boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and furniture blankets. If you choose a good company, you will get all of these free.

Tips of Packing Electronics Into a Shipping Container

Now that you know how shipping containers for storage works, let’s see how you can pack your electronics effectively and safely.

  • Create a Logical System

Stocking a large amount of products at the same time can be confusing. Hence, label the boxes and create a logical storing system to help you remember the position of all the stock.

Then, make a storage plan so you can decide how much box you can fit into the storage container.

  • Protect All Electronics with Bubble Wrap & Furniture Blanket

Electronics like TV, PC, and monitors should be protected with bubble wrap and furniture blanket. This is to prevent damage to the screens in the unlikely event of bumping and falling.

  • Don’t Overstuff Boxes

It is tempting to cram what you can fit into one box to save space. However, it is not the recommended way. 

You will have to stack your boxes together, and overstuffing makes the box hard to tape and close.  As a result, your topmost thing will be bumped and jostled by the box above it. This will increase risk of damage.

  • Clean As Best You Can

Most of the electronics come with boxes, and make sure those boxes are clean. Erase all traces of dust to prevent the dust from distributing to the container and other items. 

Also, make sure there is no moisture on the products, even though it is unlikely. By making sure they are dry, you prevent mould from developing and keep your stock in pristine condition.

  • Stack and Store Them Correctly

The key is to stack them based on how fragile they are. Electronics are usually fragile, but some are more fragile than others. Therefore, put the least fragile one on the bottom and stack the most fragile at the top.

Plus, identify which product you sell the most. The product you sell the most will need to be retrieved often, so position them in front of the others. That way, you make your access easier.


Technology companies, especially those who sell electronics, need a secure and weatherproof space to store stock. Shipping containers make the process simpler and the access easier. Plus, it is cheaper, more protected, and more convenient than a self-storage facility.

Therefore, if you want a hassle-free solution for stocking your products, renting a shipping container is your answer!


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