Writing a killer personal statement: Do’s and Don’ts

killer personal statement

Many people wrongly think that a GPA score is the only important element when entering college. An average is crucial, no doubt. But besides cramming for exams and spending evenings polishing homework to score a high GPA, one thing often gets overlooked. A personal statement is a common task in the application process that plays a huge role in a candidate’s application. A killer personal statement

Why put effort into writing a personal statement?

Students should pay close attention to entrance essays because such documents can boost their application grades and push them upward on the candidate list. In addition, personal statements help the commission evaluate and better understand every applicant and determine whether or not they pertain to the course and will be integrated into it. 

Because of that, application essay writing has become a prevalent task lately, making more schools opt for adding the writing assignment to their application process. As a result, more students have started using personal statement writing services to get guidelines on how to come up with a striking entrance paper. 

Things to do when writing an application essay- killer personal statement

Writing a personal statement has various do’s and don’ts, and if you are to apply to a college, you need to be aware of them. Here are vital things to do when working on a writing assignment: Visit Here

Speak from your perspective: Personal statements rely on a writer’s experience. Don’t adopt anyone’s writing style when composing an essay. Listen to your inner writer and what it has to say. Even though it may not be easy to read, developing a unique style will give you plenty of credit.

Get into the committee’s emotional timbre: Your job is to impress an application officer, so appealing to their emotions is the top priority. Ensure the committee can relive your moments described in the paper. Use clear analogies and breathtaking examples.

Structure your piece: It’s essential to make the reading process clear and smooth flowing. Ensure your work has a distinct introduction with a good opener, body part, and conclusion alongside a powerful closing.

Things to avoid at all costs

Personal statement writing has its no-gos, which you should strive to omit. Otherwise, they will decrease your score. Stay away from:

Striving to show off and brag: The commission gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd by showing your inner voice. However, many students use complicated constructions, or worse yet – they begin showing off and providing unrelated examples. 

Using irrelevant language: Including slang and colloquial language will do you no good. Even though this essay type is semi-formal and allows for the use of first-person pronouns, avoid informal language.

Exceeding word count: You risk making your essay ignored by exceeding the limit. The requirements are meant to be followed. If you don’t meet them, however awe-inspiring it may be, your paper will end up bad.


A nicely written personal statement can increase your chances of getting into the desired academic institution. Therefore, consider using the mentioned tips. They will help you design an outstanding paper.


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