Best Channel For WiFi

Best Channel For WiFi

How to find the best channel for Wi-Fi?

We all live in a society. In an age when network and data is everything, there is no one without an internet connection. And, the best-used method for Internet connection is Wi-Fi. Have you ever wondered, how in the age of broadband, the wires used to get entangled together by overlapping? This overlapping caused a lot of trouble for the people. The wires used to get torn off, and sometimes connections used to get slow. Now, if you think that being wireless, overlapping doesn’t occur anymore, you are wrong. Now, also overlapping is a thing. But it is wireless. This article gives you full information to find the best channel for WiFi.

How does wireless overlapping occur?: Best Channel For WiFi

Wi-Fi connections usually connect from the service providers to the consumers by using bands. These bands are then divided into channels to reach more people in the area. The used bands are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. For domestic purposes, the 2.4 GHz band is used. In the United States territory, the 2.4 GHz band channels extend from 1-13. At the same time, the most used channels are 1, 6, 11. In an area, Wi-Fi users use different channels. But sometimes, these channels overlap each other.

As a result of more traffic on the same channel, the Internet connection slows down. Here, channels 1, 6, 11 channels are the only non-overlapping channels. As a result, you must first consider the best channel for the WiFi connection in your area. To find out the best channel for a WiFi connection, you have to analyze the Wi-Fi in your area. There are different processes for different operating systems to find out the best channel for a WiFi connection. The methods for different operating systems are discussed below.

1. Android Wi-Fi Analyzer:

In Android, you can easily analyze your Wi-Fi. There is an application for this in the play store. The app’s name is Wi-Fi Analyzer. It is free to use and is available at a very negligible size. You can install it from the play store and allow the permissions required. Then the app will analyze all the Wi-Fi in the area. But it will show results according to your connected Wi-Fi. It shows graphs and represents the channels with stars so that you will be able to know which one is the best channel for WiFi that you are connected to. Then you can go to your router settings and choose the channel which has the midst rating according to the app.

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2. Airport Utility App for iOS:

In the past, it wasn’t an easy job to analyze Wi-Fi. Because Apple back then didn’t allow giving off any information about the Wi-Fi that was connected. Yet still, you could do it by using some app like Wi-Fi Explorer or WiFiFoFum. But to be able to use them, you needed to jailbreak your iOS device. Jailbreaking an iOS device is not a very convenient thing to do. So, Wi-Fi analyzing seemed a very far fetched thing to do earlier.

But, now, the Apple Company has allowed us to analyze the Wi-Fi. This time it is built-in. You can go to the settings. Then click on network settings and find your Wi-Fi. Click your Wi-Fi. There you will be able to see the stats. But, first, you have to download the app Airport Utility from the App Store.

3. NirSoft WifiInfoShow for Windows:

It is free software that is available for Windows operating systems. It has a straightforward interface. At first, launch the software. Then click on Channel Header and sort it by Wi-Fi channel. There you can check the Wi-Fi stats and know if a channel is overlapping too much. Then you can go to your router settings and change to a faster channel.

Again, you could also use the software named Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. This software is just too much for this job. It has other features too. You could also use it to analyze your Wi-Fi connection and then shift to the best channel for WiFi. Moreover, there is also another software named inSSIDer. But, it’s down the point is that it is a paid software. You can spend $20 for this paid software and fulfill the same work that you can do by NirSoft WifiInfoShow.

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4. Iwlist command on Linux:

If you are looking for something that you don’t have to install on your Linux operating system, this is probably the best one. This is a command which shows the information about the Wi-Fi channels in the area. Thereby setting all the stats, you will identify which one is the best channel for WiFi. You don’t have to install anything. It is by default installed on Ubuntu. You have to copy-paste the script. It is the fastest method out there. Write the following command:

sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep \(Channel). Using this way, you can find out the best channel for WiFi. Then you can switch to the desired channel from your router settings.

5. Wireless diagnostics on Mac:

You will probably get the best experience regarding this matter only on a Mac. Wi-Fi analysis is built-in to the Mac OS. You go to the Options bar. Then select the menu of “Open Wireless Diagnostics.” Then select the Utility option. There you will find all the stats presented. The best thing about this is that you will get the results like “Best 2.4 GHz Channels” and “Best 5 GHz Channels”. As a result, you will get the ideal Wi-Fi channel for your network. This is very useful to find out the best channel for WiFi.

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3 ways to find the best channel for Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi channels are the smaller frequency bands within each Wi-Fi band. There are two types of Wi-Fi bands, and they are 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands. The 2.4 GHz band has 11 channels, and the 5 GHz band has 45 channels. They can create interference in network usage because they can easily overlap each other. This is very popularly known as Adjacent-Channel interference. The main difference between the redo bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz is their coverage. The 2.4 GHz band can easily penetrate walls and other substances and has a wide frequency range.

But, it transmits mostly at a lower frequency. Whereas the 5 GHz band has high-speed connectivity, you can upload and download files faster. Now, coming back to the topic of Wi-Fi channels that are best for your usage. How to find Wi-Fi channels that are best for your Wi-Fi? Here are 3 simple ways,

1. Choose the best Wi-Fi band frequency:

As we have learned so far from the bands, you have to keep some things in mind before choosing a Wi-Fi band frequency. The factors are:

  • If there are many floors where you live
  • If there are many walks or solid materials in the way
  • So if you need a connection in a longer area
  • If you need a faster connection

As we have already discussed, 2.4 GHz is a better option if you are willing to build a connection at a place where there are many floors or many objects in the path. Whereas, for a faster connection in an area with fewer floors and plenty of free space, the 5 GHz band frequency is a better option.

2. Choose a Wi-Fi channel with less interference:

For this process, you will need a Wi-Fi analyzer tool. The Wi-Fi analyzing software or method is different for different operating systems. The best way to do it is on Mac OS. As it has the feature built-in. Again, in Ubuntu, you can also analyze your Wi-Fi by just copy posting a command. Now, what a Wi-Fi analyzer does is that it shows the Wi-Fi stats and, in the process, reveals the channels that are frequently overlapping.

Again, it also shows the channels that are best suited for the network connection. This statistic will help you to find out the best channel for WiFi. Then you can easily shift your channel from your router settings. This is one of the most used techniques. It is also very, very effective. If you face your Wi-Fi problems for a prolonged connection or a lot of lags, you can shift your Wi-Fi channels using this straightforward technique.

3. Use the information to shift to a more useful Wi-Fi channel:

You can now put the above two steroids into use. Up until now, you have gathered information about which band to use and why. Again, you have also found out which channel will be the best for your Wi-Fi connection and how to find the best one. This is the time to utilize this information. Suppose you are living in a very high-rise building with a lot of walls and floors in-between. So, you will need a 2.4 GHz band frequency. Now, to find out the best channel, use the second step. There you will receive information about the best Wi-Fi channel. You can then shift your Wi-Fi channel from your router settings. This is the most vital step. This completes the full process.

If you face problems with your Wi-Fi connection, then there is always no need for you to contact your observer service provider. You can also solve this issue yourself. You have to find out the band you are using and the place you are staying in and support the band. And, if it does, then move to the channel frequency. You should analyze your Wi-Fi and find out the best channel for the Wi-Fi connection that you use. Then shift to that. This will solve your problem very easily. These simple 3 steps are straightforward to do and very, very reliable. If you are looking for a better Wi-Fi experience, then this might solve your problem. Just changing the Wi-Fi service provider won’t change your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): Best Channel For WiFi

1. How can you analyze Wi-Fi channels?

If you want an uninterrupted and fast internet connection, your Wi-Fi channel should be proper. Having a proper Wi-Fi channel leads to a great internet experience. As a result, the process of selecting these Wi-Fi channels is an essential job. But how can you select the best Wi-Fi channel? It is not that easy to find out. There are some Wi-Fi analyzers out there that help you find the best one. You can analyze your Wi-Fi channels in the area. Then from the analyzed result, you can select the one with the most rating.

2. How to view Wi-Fi Speed?

It is not a very hard job nowadays to find out the Wi-Fi speed. On any Android device, go to your settings and then hover to network settings. There you will find the Wi-Fi that you are connected to. Click it, and you will be able to see the stats. There you will find a gear icon. Press on it, and you will be able to see your network strength. The process is the same in any iOS device. Just find network settings in your settings app, and then you can easily find the Wi-Fi strength there.

3. Is there any use for channel 13 Wi-Fi?

The best channels to use for 2.4 GHz are the 1, 6, 11. These are the most used channels and are the best channel for WiFi. But, the allowed channels for the 2.4 GHz band are from 1-13. Yet, the extensively used channels are only 3.

But why are only these three used? Because these three are the only non-overlapping channels. Channels 12 and 13 are overlapping channels, and they are only used during low powered conditions. On other conditions, they are not used.

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