How to Create a Tax Invoice With a Step-by-step Instruction

    Create a Tax Invoice With a Step-by-step Instruction

    WeInvoice is a free online invoice system that includes invoice generators and a massive collection of professionally designed invoice templates that you can customize for your company.

    WeInvoice allows users to create error-free, compliant, and comprehensive invoices in a matter of minutes. You can download and use one of the many ready-to-use invoicing templates available if you don’t want to start from scratch.

    Taxes are a reality for all business owners and freelancers. It’s an unavoidable part of the job. A tax bracket applies to all goods and services provided by a company or an individual. Continue reading to learn more about WeInvoice tax invoice, how they’re created, and why you should use them.

    The dealer sends the buyer a tax invoice maker that includes all of the tax information. The description, quantity of goods purchased, the value of goods and services, and total taxes levied are all included in the details. A tax invoice is a final bill sent to the buyer by a dealer.

    To claim your tax benefits for the purchases made, a taxable sale must be accompanied by a tax invoice. The purpose of tax invoices is frequently to resell the same goods and services.

    What Is the Purpose of a Tax Invoice?

    A business is required by law to charge various taxes, including the GST, VAT, and HST. Customers pay taxes on the goods and services they buy from the company. The tax invoice summarises the business transaction in a clear and concise manner. When a business is audited monthly, quarterly, or yearly, tax invoices come in handy.

    For customers who are GST-registered, tax invoices are created. This means that the majority of transactions are between businesses, and goods are sold in bulk.

    Here’s why you’ll need a tax invoice:

    • To prove the vendors’ claim to be able to deduct input tax on their standard rated purchases.
    • To figure out which items fall under the taxable period.
    • To determine the time limit for filing an input tax claim based on the tax invoice provided by the supplier.
    • The tax invoice’s date specifies the precise date when the input tax is accounted for.

    What Is a Tax Invoice and How Do I Make One?

    The process of creating a tax invoice may appear intimidating, but it is actually quite simple. To be valid, a tax invoice must include the following information:

    • The invoice’s number and date
    • The customer’s name 
    • Both the shipping and billing addresses are required
    • The document’s title should clearly state “TAX INVOICE” in capital letters
    • Name, identity, and business contact information for the seller
    • An organized list that includes a description of the goods and services the customer purchased, as well as the value and sub-total
    • The tax rate that applies to each item
    • The bill’s total cost, including the tax
    • The supplier’s signature.
    • Bank account information and payment options

    Using the software templates available in MS Word Office, a tax invoice can be easily created. You can also use WeInvoice to download online templates to make the entire process easier and more organized.

    To create a tax invoice in Microsoft Word, follow these steps:

    • Create a heading with the words “TAX INVOICE” in a blank Word document.
    • Fill in your company information on the right-hand side of the header. Include your name, address, phone number, email address, and business logo.
    • Fill in the client’s information on the left-hand side. Make sure to include all of the details once more.
    • After that, enter the invoice date as well as the payment due date. Also, on the right, enter the unique invoice number.
    • Now you must create an organized list of all the goods and services that the client purchased, complete with item descriptions and costs per item.
    • Add the applicable taxes, shipping fees, and other charges to the subtotal. To make the total stand out on the invoice, it should be clear and bold.
    • Make a note of your preferred payment method and other pertinent information in the notes section.

    Is a Tax Invoice the Same as a Receipt?

    This is a question that many new business owners have. Invoices and receipts are created by vendors as a record for themselves, and buyers use them to keep track of the goods and services they have purchased. Although tax invoices and receipts contain similar information, they are two distinct financial documents.

    An invoice is a request for payment for goods and services provided by the vendor to the customer or client. The cost of goods and services, the number of items purchased, any discounts given, taxes levied, and the total amount due are all included on the invoice.

    The receipt, on the other hand, is a document that acknowledges the payment and completion of a transaction. It can also be used to prove that you own something. The receipt details all of the goods and services purchased, as well as the price, discount, taxes, and payment method.

    The receipt and invoice represent two different ends of a business transaction, To summarise, an invoice is a payment request, whereas a receipt is proof of payment.

    This article assists you in creating a solid tax invoice for your company’s needs. WeInvoice has a variety of invoice templates to help you create the best invoice for your business needs. Weinvoice provides you with invoice templates and invoice generators to make the process of creating invoices smooth as possible.

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