Jobs For 18-21 Age Group Not So Easy To Get Any More, Shows Data

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Blame it on COVID-19 or the global crisis, but the world of employment will never be the same. Finding a part-time job and studying at college was a typical plan for most students. Students from the older generations would have considered applying for a job in the nearest cafe. Yeap, there were times when getting waiter jobs was easy.

Why do modern students struggle to get employed? Check our experts’ opinions in the article below.

Money, Money, Money

It’s not a secret that student loans are getting less bearable each year. All because student loan interest rates never stop increasing. Can a twenty-first-century student balance a part-time career with successful studying? Yeap, they can. No wonder a student would reach out to a resume proofreading service rather than write an essay. To survive college years and pay the debt entirely, one must earn money and focus on their career.

Which are the current trends in student loans?

· The average student loan doubled in the last 40 years;

· It takes second place after the home loans in the debt ‘hierarchy’;

· Missing payments put you in poor credit;

· The whole student loan experience means years of delaying other projects like starting a family or buying a house.

Global Crisis

Let’s talk about wars. Obviously, you’ll have fewer chances to invest in your career if your country experiences a humanitarian crisis. The longer the country stays in war, the fewer chances you get to expand your career resources. Currently, in Ukraine, employment losses equal 7 million. However, the humanitarian disaster coupled with the refugee crisis affects global employment as well.

The longer the refugees stay in other countries, the higher the pressure on the economic and social protection systems. Countries like Poland and Romania will have to create new job opportunities to support both locals and refugees. The competition for jobs, especially the manual ones, so popular among students, will be tougher. Hence, one’s chances of landing an interview will depend on the government’s ability to solve the employment crisis.

Legal Issues

Let’s be honest – most employers want to cut their taxes while avoiding bureaucracy. You don’t need to be a part of the national resume writers association to get more interviews and land your dream job. However, don’t get surprised if the company rejects your resume because of your student status. Under the Fair Labor Standard Act, an average employer will have to apply overtime rules and minimum wage.

When it comes to workers younger than 18 years, an employer is supposed to apply for a special permit. Hence, by hiring students, an employer can’t cut their expenses. They must pay the same wages to a student as to a common laborer with an education.

Confident young waiter.

Another issue is supervising. If this is your first job, the company will need to assign you a supervisor. By doing so, the employer spends money on your education and wastes their time. Additionally, the employees that supervise you can’t properly perform their daily duties.

What a modern employer wants is a student fresh out of college but with all skills and experience. No wonder entering the job market is so tough for a young graduate.

Technology Boom

The technological revolution has defined the present and the future of the job market. More manual jobs are falling into the history books as AI is taking the place of humans. For instance, the job ads for a cashier are getting rare these days. The same can be said about proofreaders and receptionists.

Yeap, the future of work is changing. So, which professions can one expect to disappear into world history?

· Librarians. It’s not that people read fewer books nowadays. It’s that digital books are slowly but confidently substituting the dog-eared pages;

· Cashiers. A well-functioning machine perfectly manages the shopper’s bank card and scans their products fast;

· Baristas. The future is full of coffee machines, lonely standing on the street corners and desperately waiting to be found on the Internet search;

· Writers. In the future, an AI-powered tool can write, edit, and proofread texts. It can also write you a bot-beating resume. Nonetheless, we advise you to check all top resume reviews before searching for a writer. Regardless of the AI tools, there will always be a human factor. Hence, a review is a must.

It’s All about Millennialism

Growing up is difficult for Millenials. Why so? Student loans are an enormous weight to consider. The ‘Me Me’ culture tells one that they can reach anything they want.

Meanwhile, Instagram culture gives you a bite of individualism and jealousy for others’ success stories.

Millennials are a huge part of the global workforce. However, unlike the previous generations, they start working later. Additionally, most of them stay with their parents. All because of the financial burden the unbalanced economy puts on their shoulders. Combine all the factors above with a frequent change of careers, and you get the picture.

Final Thoughts

Being a student is tough. Being a jobless student is even tougher. Getting a first job was a rite of passage for other generations. Nonetheless, the reality is different now. First of all, Millennials are growing up slowly. Second, the global crisis accompanied by the technology boom complicates the traditional job search. Third, don’t forget about legal issues that might deter the employer from hiring students.

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