Samsung Galaxy A52 Specs

    Samsung Galaxy A52 Specs

    I think you guys already know about Samsung’s A-series. They brought this series in the market to cover the mid-range smartphones. And they kept themselves pretty sleek with this series. The only reason they were successful with this series is the policy of providing a good value for money smartphone. To be honest, not everyone is capable of buying flagship smartphones. So they choose an excellent value-for-money smartphone. And this is where Samsung did its job very well. In this article, you can learn about Samsung Galaxy A52 Specs.

    Okay, so let’s talk about Samsung’s A-series upcoming smartphone modelled “A 52”. As you guys already know, they launched Samsung A51 7 months ago. The smartphone companies are completing themselves to catch the market. Then why not Samsung?

    They are running at full speed in this completion. There are some rumours about A52 came out later this month, which looks interesting. I will cover all of the leaks and the stories so that we can have a rough idea.

    That Amazing Display

    Also, We all know what Samsung is famous for. Yeah! It’s the Display! Also, it always blows the consumer’s mind, no doubt! Even some of the buyers buy Samsung only for its mind-blowing display. Yes, I’m talking about that super AMOLED display. The display size is 6.5 inches (16.51cm), with a resolution of 1080 into 2400 pixels. And the pixel density is 405 PPI. Can you imagine that sharp it will be? That colour of the AMOLED display is just mind-blowing!

    By the way, the Best thing about the AMOLED display is the pitch colours. When you are using a black screen or something that has black on it, the AMOLED display turns off its pixels there. And that’s the reason the blacks look just Dope!

    Furthermore, that display will make the deal itself. And one more thing, that bezel-less display experience with just a waterdrop notch. So in total, the A52’s display seems very promising to me. It’s so impressive that it will make people buy the phone.


    Because it’s a mid-range phone so I’m expecting a premium plastic build body. As we have seen this pattern from Samsung’s A-series phones. But the rear side of the phone should look like a champ. Sometimes that glossy finish in the back confuses people between glass and plastic, which looks sleek indeed as I don’t have the phone in my hand, so I can’t make sure that the phone looks like this or that. But as I have said, this phone will follow the previous ones. So, according to this theory, we can expect two or three different types of colour variations. And one of them should be with gradient finish; this phone should give you a comfortable feel in your hands as the previous A-series phone does.


    In the case of storage, Samsung always allows us to make it bigger. Yes, I am talking about 128 GB internal storage with 512 GB expandable memory. Isn’t that amazing to have a half hard drive in your pocket also some unusual features?


    Moreover, this is another mind-blowing segment of the phone. According to leaks, we can say that this phone will have a quad camera setup in the rear. The primary one will be 48 MP with an unspecified sensor. I think the sensor will be Samsung’s GM1 sensor (which uses the pixel binning technology). It will be able to take some gorgeous and sharp pictures as well.

    Also, the phone will have a 12 MP ultra-wide lens. And the other two will be 5 MP depth and 5 MP macro lens. The primary 48 MP lens will have phase detection and autofocus as well. And the picture resolution will be 8000 into 6000 pixels. It should be able to take videos in 4k 30fps. And all of the exiting camera features like tap to focus, HDR (High Dynamic Range), Pro mode, etc. will be included furthermore.

    As of the front camera, the rumour says that we will have a 32 MP single camera. Which will make our face beautiful (Just kidding!). With this 32 MP camera, you will be able to make good quality vlogs as well. So let’s hope for the best.

    The previous version of A52, which is A51, had a great camera. It was able to take some amazing shots. After clicking them and with some editing effects, the pictures will just blow your mind. Some people even didn’t believe that that shot was done with a smartphone camera.

    Of course, it had some potential to do some great cinematography. Some shots were like Dope. So, as we can see, the A52 also has some similar specs. So I am hoping that this A52 from Samsung will be able to do some worthy thing.


    Samsung’s A-series always keeps an eye on their back up. They always try to make sure that they will give a long time user experience to their customers. And it should be. People hate to charge their phones. So they are giving a 4000mAh Li-ion battery on this Device. And of course, it has the support of fast charging as well. Talking about fast charge will have a type-c port that will transfer the data through OTG devices a lot faster than micro USB.


    I know you guys were eagerly waiting for this part. Keep some patience. We are going to have something interesting in this Segment. The performance segment is the most important segment of the phone. It makes people decide to buy a phone. If the performance segment’s specs don’t satisfy the consumer, then no doubt it’s a deal-breaker. Let’s come to the point.

    According to leaks and rumors, Samsung A52 will have Exynos 9611 chipset. Which is an octa-core processor? But there’s a twist here. The frequency of the quad-core will 2.3GHz Cortex A73. And the other quad-core is cortex A53 1.7GHz. The architecture will be based on 64bit. And the graphics will be Mali-G72 MP3.

    Those were technical information. Let’s talk about real-life performance. On the other hand, Samsung’s Exynos 9611 processor can be compared with snapdragon’s 730G processor. Those who don’t know about snapdragon 730G let me say something about this. This 730G processor is just a beast for mid-range smartphones. Sometimes 730G beats the 2018’s flagship processor Snapdragon 845.


    So no doubt that 730G is just a mind-blowing chipset. And Samsung’s Exynos 9611 is almost similar to this. The day to day performance will be done with this Device without any kind of hassle. And the 6GB ram will do just fine. In case of heavy tasks like gaming, multitasking that Device will have no hassle at all. And the new UI of Samsung, which is named ONE UI, is polished and smooth like butter. It will help to hold the performance in a strong position.

    On the other hand, Samsung’s ONE UI is one of the best UI in the market right now. It increases the user experience to the next level. With some amazingly useful and unique features, it makes the people attracted to the Device. The smooth animations and transitions effects just blow the mind. And the UI help to hold the performance of a device in a stronger position.

    User Interface

    That UI has a dedicated gaming mode that boots the performance while gaming. That mode gives you some amazing features that you usually won’t find in other Devices. Some features are included that are helpful for Gamers.

    Also, this UI has a dedicated dark mode, which turns the whole interface into black. As I have already mentioned, this Device has a super AMOLED display. This means the dark mode with a super AMOLED display will give an amazing experience to the user.

    And Samsung’s chipset is optimized for the PUBG game. They do a lot better in optimizing. So we can say that this device is going to be a gamer’s choice also.

    Moreover, The phone is equipped with the latest version of Android. Which is the Android 10? It will make the multitasking even better.

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    Hence, the phone will have an under-display fingerprint sensor; it looks so futuristic. There will be an option for face unlock also. But I won’t recommend using face unlock because it is based on camera and software. Samsung Galaxy A52 Specs, this is not an IR scanner or FACE ID. So, this is not that secure.

    In previous versions of A52, in A50 and A51, there was a fingerprint issue with those devices. Sometimes they unlock slowly, sometimes they miss read, or sometimes they don’t recognize the finger. Those problems were solving step by step with ONE UI updates. They are doing pretty well now. We hope that we will not see those fingerprint sensors bugs in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A52 devices.

    There’s a suggestion for all kinds of under-display fingerprint device users. Add the same fingerprint twice while you are adjusting the fingerprint on your sensor. And if you are using a protector, then delete the previous one and add the same finger again on the sensor.


    In short, we are talking about other sensors. The Samsung Galaxy A52 will have all the possible sensors like Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerator, and Gyroscope as well.

    Let’s talk about the deal. The Samsung Galaxy A52 will launch in India on approximately 25th July 2020. Again it’s a leak. So I can’t give you guys a clear assurance about the exact launching date.

    According to the leaks and rumours, we are expecting that the price will be 19,999 INR. Does it make the phone good value for money?

    Well, let’s sum up the specs. You are getting a 6.5 inch super AMOLED Bezel-less display with a waterdrop notch. A battery of 4000 mAh and an Exynos 9611 Octa-core chipset with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB internal storage with an expandable micro SD card slot is up to 512 GB.

    And also a better quad-camera setup on the rare side and a single camera set up in the front.

    If we consider all of the specs, we can see we are getting just an amazing phone with this price point. The previous versions of A52 has some lacking in one particular sector. But in the case of Samsung Galaxy A52, I can see that it covers all the sides of a phone. If they can launch with the price tag mentioned above, it will be a very good deal for those looking for an all-rounder phone in the mid-budget.

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    Does this phone has any water resistance?

    No, unfortunately. As we already know, this device is a mid-budget device. And the water resistance or IP rating is not for mid-range smartphones. Also, they add more costs to the phones. If you are looking for an IP rating, then I’m sorry. The IP rating will make the same phone much more expensive. So the suggestion is not to keep the phone in the poolside. That will not be a good idea if you ask me.

    Can I shoot amazing pictures with this phone?

    Of course, you can. But you should at least know the proper way to capture a photo. If you have the skills of editing, then you are good to go. It’s an awesome device. Use its potential wisely. Be creative. Who knows your picture can be sold at 1000 dollars!

    What about cinematography?

    As I have said, this Device has the potential. If you are going to use it in the right way, you can do anything.

    Can I play PUBG with this Device?

    Dude! This Device has an Octa-core processor with 6 GB RAM, and you are talking about PUBG?!

    Wrapping Things Up!

    In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy A52 will be one of the most anticipated smartphones in the A-series. This phone will have some potential. But still there gonna be some haters! So, my question is to you. What do you think about this phone? Say it in the comments and I will meet you guys next time! Adios!

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