4 digital marketing tips to implement in daily strategy

4 digital marketing tips

Today we will focus on digital trends working in 2021. If you want to start promoting business in the digital world, then Jaynike would be the best solution in this case. The influential and experienced team has done the work and knows how the algorithms of the social networks work in 2021. Let’s see 4 digital marketing tips to implement in daily strategy.

Voice search

Despite the fact that in the digital age, users can get answers to any questions using search engines, many do not have the patience to go into a browser and read a few paragraphs. Voice search comes in. Many brands are incorporating voice technology into their strategies to make the sales process even more efficient. For example, the pizza chain Domino’s, in order to increase sales, has connected the possibility of ordering pizza through Alexa.

Stories option

First to enter the market with the concept of “My Story“, then Instagram, Facebook, VK and even Youtube showed their own format of their “Reels” story. In November 2017, Instagram Stories had over 300 million daily active users.

The increased popularity of stories is another reason to improve your marketing strategy. The main feature of the instrument is that they disappear after a certain period of time. It would seem illogical, but the time of displaying the message makes it limited, and therefore important for the client (loss of profit syndrome). Therefore, big brands go to great lengths to create relevant and unique content see here.

Engage influencers

This trend will only intensify in the coming year. It is no secret that the audience of some bloggers exceeds certain media in terms of the number of readers, and their reviews inspire more confidence among buyers and generate excellent sales.

Nevertheless, bloggers with a hundred thousand and millionaires are stepping on the heels of colleagues with a much smaller number of subscribers – micro-influencers with an audience of 5 to 20 thousand people. This is another micro trend. 

Their relatively small audience is much better engaged and more loyal. The posts of micro-influencers are more often commented on, and the audience that the micro-blogger attracts trusts the brand that he is promoting more. (cafedantorels.com)

It’s not a secret for a long time: the number of subscribers of a star does not always correlate with the number of buyers. There are many bots and non-involved users among them. The percentage of real buyers among micro-influencers is several times higher.

Real time streaming

Video content has been popular for the past few years, but a new trend in this niche is short videos created specifically for smartphones. The average user between the ages of 18 and 35 is predicted to watch 40 minutes a day of video on mobile and only 20 minutes to consume it from a computer display.

Therefore, brands with might and main create vertical videos that are convenient to watch everywhere: in the park, in a cafe, in the subway or in a minibus. This is a really working format, which ranks first among its kind in terms of usefulness.



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