4 important notes for marketing strategy

    notes for marketing strategy

    In this article, we will share some notes for marketing strategy. You need to focus on these notes to get a better marketing outcome. 

    Your typical customer

    Who is the typical customer for your business? Which of its problems or needs does your business address? In what way? Again, if you are unsure of the profile of your ideal client, we strongly recommend that you plan to explore the subject further. 

    Knowing your typical customer is the key to marketing. Any decision you make in your digital marketing actions should be considered based on this information. Experts from Conversion Rate Store sure if you do not know your customers, their motivations, their expectations, their state of mind or their objections, you will waste your budget unnecessarily on poorly optimized actions.

    Your competitive audit

    What are your competitors doing? What types of marketing actions do they put in place? On which channels are they present? Do they have a large online community? Is their community active? Explore at least the 3 main direct competitors in your market in order to get a precise idea of ​​the competitive environment and the digital strategies that your competitors are deploying. It is essential that you know what your competitors are doing in order to deduce the good and bad practices, but also, to be able to stand out more easily.

    Your differentiation strategy

    What is the specificity of your company? In what areas does your business stand out from the competition? What added value do you bring to your customers? What do your current customers think of the business? What do they like in particular? What disappoints them? What concrete facts and what external signs of recognition illustrate the excellence of your company? Maybe you need to buy YouTube views? Do you need more content for your platform (YouTube, TikTok, etc.)

    Your differentiation is one of the strengths on which your marketing must be based. Understanding why your customers choose your business over another will help you both in choosing your channels to acquire new customers and in the messages you will use there .

    Audit your current device

    What marketing actions has your company carried out successfully in the past? Which of the channels you are currently using are performing the best? Go into details and specify what works and what could be improved. If, for example, your website attracts many visits from search engines, what content is responsible for this success? On what terms and expressions? Is the conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who make contact for example) satisfactory? What marketing actions of the company produce unsatisfactory results? How could you fix it? Do these actions need to be corrected? Or abandoned?  Understand what works and exploit it. Analyze what is not working and correct it or abandon it. This is perhaps the easiest way to optimize your company’s web marketing arsenal. See this url to better understand how a marketing attribution software will help you to optimize ad spend and increase marketing ROI by scaling winners and cutting losers.



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